5 Things that Can Make Your Apartment a Complete Home

So, you are on your way to step into a new apartment. Of course, it is going to be special as your home is one of the most precious possessions you can have in your lifetime. No matter how much time you spend at the workplace or how often you travel, home is the only place you want to come back to. And this is exactly why the first apartment that you buy with your hard-earned money should leave you with no regrets.

Well, if you are living in the City of Joy, you will be spoilt for choices in your search for an apartment. . In recent years, the numbers of luxury apartments in Kolkata have grown like never before.

Your real estate agent would have already shortlisted a few apartments by now. However, there are certain facilities an apartment must have. Without these, your apartment might not be incomplete but it won’t turn out to be your dream abode. Let’s check these now:


You are smiling, right? Wondering what extra good a balcony will do to your already embellished apartment. A balcony, however small, is a must. Because it is going to be that piece of place where you can relax and look up to the blue sky. Apartments, these days, are stuffed with decorations and the necessary furniture. Also, access to the terrace of a building might be restricted. The balcony, in such situations, will be a much appreciated part of your home.

However, just as the presence of a balcony is important, the view that you get from the same should be equally pleasing.  So, make sure that the area just overlooking your balcony is not blocked by the adjacent building.

Modular Kitchen

You must be aware by now that these days, it is not the space that matters but how well the space is utilized that counts. Your new apartment is surely going to have a dedicated kitchen area. But it is essential for you to check if this kitchen has all the components to make it in an ideal modular kitchen. And what are these components?

Well, a modular open design is must because that saves a lot of space while also removing the barrier between the one who cooks and those is sitting in the dining room. A number of beautifully design shelves and drawers are necessary to help you arrange the utensils fast and keep the main kitchen table neat and clean. Additionally, you should make sure that the kitchen sink is large enough and that there is enough arrangement for fitting a kitchen chimney, which is extremely necessary in a modern kitchen.

A Spare Room

It does not really matter how small it is but your apartment must have a spare room. You have spent a lot on securing the property of your choice. And it is expected that you are going to stay in for long. So, make sure that there is a spare room that you are not using on a regular basis. With one such, you will never have problems inviting guests and requesting them for a sleep over at times

Community Hall

When it comes to buying a home, it is the entire building that matters. So, the building you are going for must have a community hall. It will be of great use when you arrange parties, hold gatherings or simply organize a meet. In the presence of a community hall and the right to use it, the size of your personal apartment will not matter. Nor will you have the headache of cleaning up your home right after the party is over.

Children’s’ Park

Whether or not you have a little one in your home, choose a building with a children’s park. Your friend’s kids will bless you when they come as guests to your apartment. An open lawn and a little green will go a long way in making a dream home.

The above aspects might seem trivial but their absence makes your apartment miss that little something. . Because no matter how much you decorate your home, it will seem like bricks and mortar without the amenities that bring life to it.

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