9 Must Haves for Your Have if You Follow Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese pseudoscience which is believed to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment by the use energy forces. It is a well-known trend all around the globe and has many patrons. However, as Feng Shui requires, there are certain objects and items that are essential for the home. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Fuk, Suk and LauAlso known as The Three Wise Men, Fuk, Suk and Lau are the Chinese Gods of health, wealth and prosperity respectively. Fuk is an old man that carries a staff to signify a long, healthy life. Suk carries a paper scroll that conveys knowledge and wealth. Lau, the third, carries a bowl of fruits, signifying prosperity in life. The trio should be placed together, left to right, facing away from the main door and inside the house.
  1. Love BirdsLove birds are a cheerful lot and are very cute. However, not many know that love birds represent Feng Shui and bring about positive vibes in the house. Love birds depict love and are considered very lucky. They are also very easy to take care of. You can place the love birds in the south-west corner of your home. If you can’t get actual love birds to pet, you can go for statues.
  1. Wind ChimesThe clanking of wind chime columns is certainly music to the ears. Wind chimes are considered to provide a positive flow of energy in the house. You can buy a wind chime of your choice and hang indoors, in a place where the breeze is not very violent, but is subtle enough for the rods to chime.
  1. Chinese CoinsChinese coins promote wealth and prosperity. They also bring about good luck. You can buy chinese coin tassels or individual coins. While you can hang these coins on walls or place them on tables, you can keep them inside drawers if you want to keep them hidden.
  1. Pa Kua MirrorThe Pa Kua or the Bagua mirror is an octagonal wooden frame with a circular mirror in the center, with a color combination of red, black and gold usually. The mirror is said to ward off evil energy. You can get either a concave or a convex mirror, both off which avert evil energies in their own way. However, make sure that you place the mirror outside the house, so that the people of your house cannot see their face in it.
  1. Laughing BuddhaThe Laughing Buddha is quite a famous item that can be found all over the world. The Laughing Buddha is known to award wealth and good luck. It is considered as one of the most auspicious elements of Chinese tradition. The best place to keep the Laughing Buddha is in the eastern side of your home.
  1. Three-legged FrogThe famous three-legged frog is also known as the money frog, as it rewards with wealth and prosperity. According to Chinese tradition, frogs and toads, which are related to water, symbolize wealth. The money frog should always be placed diagonally opposite to the main door, facing inside the house.
  1. Bamboo PlantsLike many Feng Shui objects, bamboo plants promote abundance, prosperity & better health. The bamboo shoots are said to be connected to the five elements- wind, fire, water, metal and earth. The bamboo plant should always be placed in the east or the south-east region of the house.
  1. GlobeThe Fu Shi Jian crystal globe is a very important part of Feng Shui, which represents collaboration and communication. The crystal globe also improves financial luck. Placing the globe in the north-west corner helps improve your career while the north-west helps your communications.

Your house should always be full of positivity- be it health, wealth, finance, or anything. A house with positive vibes, not just makes your family happy, but also appeals to other people. The best real estate developer in Kolkata, Arrjavv Group, has top residential projects in Kolkata. Buy your dream home today and cherish it with your family.

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