A Few Home Organising Hacks for Your New Abode!

The weekend is finally here and it’s time to make a to-do list of the all the household chores you need to finish off in these two days! Oh, wait! You have been thinking about organising your home for the past one or two months, right? C’mon, stop procrastinating and muster the strength and will to finish off this errand this weekend! And in case you are totally confused about where to start and how to go about the whole thing, just read below to get it all sorted easily!

  • Stack the Papers: No matter how much technology has improved and how easily we get to keep the soft copies of all our important documents, the fact is that, the bank documents, electricity bills, educational degrees, etc., are all piles of paper! And if you can keep these papers organised, you are half way through to acquiring a clutter-free home. Just stack these papers together, put them in different folders and mark them well. Yes, it’s that’s easy!
  • Organise the Utensils: Kitchen is the place where most of the clutter forms! Hence, you will first need to keep all your utensils in their right places. Make use of drawer separators to keep your utensils organised. You can also keep plates in one drawer, glasses in another, spoons and knives in some other drawer. This way, it will be easier for you to get hold of them when you need them.
  • Clear the Drawers: Believe it or not, we dump everything in the drawers to make the outside look organised and clutter-free. But this is not the way we should do it! So, it’s finally time to clear the drawers. Just put the contents in separate boxes and then keep them inside the drawers. Small plastic containers are easily available in the market and if you keep all the items inside them, the drawers will look neat and tidy.
  • Clean the Entryway: For your guests, their first impression of your home will be their last impression and, hence, you should never keep your entryway cluttered. Keep a nice rug at the doorstep, an idol of Ganesha or Buddha, a few flowers in a vase, or anything which makes the entryway look welcoming. You will find a lot of interior decor options online. Just go through them!
  • Stock up the Shoes: Avoid keeping your shoes in the doorway or anywhere in your house! Buy a proper shoe box or you can even buy a shoe rack from the market. Make sure you organise all the shoes of your family members inside that rack. Shoes can make a house look a lot cluttered.

Whether you are living in one of the luxury flats in Ballygunge or in a small 2 BHK apartment in some other part of the city, the beauty of your house will depend on how well you maintain and organise the same. And these above-mentioned tips can work wonders! Just try it out once this weekend and see how well you can beautify your home and give it an all new look!

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