Arrjavv Connect – The Location Edge

The location for any brand determines its footfall, customer retention dynamics and helps it to stay abreast of its competition

In addition to quality products and impeccable customer service, another vital element that drives the success of any business depends on where it is located. In fact, the location of any commercial venture has proved to be a defining factor in ensuring profitability, mainly by dint of repeat customers.

Visibility is the key

The nature of any business plays a crucial role in determining its location. For example, luxury or lifestyle stores, retail and service providers have to essentially make their presence felt in densely populated “market” areas. The idea is to facilitate proximity to potential clients and buyers. Also critical to ensuring the northward climb of the sales volume are factors like the visibility and ease of locating the store.
Similarly, in the business of real estate, industry leaders like Arrjavv are always strategizing as part of their development plans to come up with their top-of-the-line projects in an accessible part of town that is complete with easy arterial transport, communication facilities, basic amenities and recreation centres.

The perfect thrust

It is obvious that the demographics of a particular region influence the commerce of that community. Strategizing on the perfect location can also facilitate a business to cut down excess costs, save taxes, increase linkage with customers and enjoy proximity with competitors. All these factors contribute to the success of the business. For businesses in general, the ideal scenario demands its location in areas that are busy, yet affordable vis-a-vis real estate costs.
Walkability, a driving force in economics, is recognized today as a major factor to provide the perfect growth impetus for any organization. This explains the exponential success of the several online walkability softwares that have flooded the social media in the last few years! These apps have been designed to “locate” stores, apartments, dining facilities, salons and even parks based on the walkability factor. Understanding the location dynamics can help gauge the target audience, thereby increasing the potential of sales.

Boosting realty pricing and success

This trend is prevalent in the space of real estate as well. In addition to providing affordable quality spaces, advanced infrastructure and top-notch amenities, reputed and established real estate players also consider walkability as being directly proportional to the success of their projects. A case in point is Arrjavv’s Connect which thrives on its excellent location and walkability factor. Situated on the Rash Behari connector, this commercial project takes pride in its location in the bustling business area of Kasba. In tune with the quality quotient that is a trademark for all projects by Arrjavv, this G+5 building too has an attractive contemporary design complimented by top-of-the-line amenities. The state-of-the-art elevation, striking façade designed for ample visibility and meticulously planned best-in-class office spaces offering the convenience of flexible unit sizes, have resulted in ensuring maximum footfalls. Needless to say, this commercial venture has been a runaway success!

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