Arrjavv Square: Show-ing the future

The age-old adage, “seeing is believing but feeling is the truth”, holds true even today when it comes to the concept of showrooms in the retail realty segment. The internet might be dominating most of our purchases, but that hasn’t downgraded the advantage that physical showrooms continue to enjoy.

Brick and mortar stores give customers the liberty to try, test and touch the merchandise before purchase – recognized by experts in the field as a highly effective hook to cater to potential customers. According to market analysts, buyers’ preferences indicate that high-priced commodities such as automobiles, electronics and home furnishings are first “seen and felt” before the actual purchase – showrooms facilitate this wholesome experience. They treat the end consumers to a comfortable ambience, welcoming salesmanship and better insight into a specific product in their bid to bolster footfalls and ultimately, the volume of sales.

Showrooms versus e-commerce 

In tune with the evolved consumer pattern, showrooms have reinvented themselves to survive in this digital era. They continue to be the single visual experience that customers trust in terms of quality, craftsmanship and product durability. A visual cue of how a specific home product would look on the mantle shelf or how smoothly a car gear glides or even the amplified music experience of a pair of headphones can go a long way in “converting” a potential customer to make the purchase.

Higher conversion rates

A cleverly-designed showroom can inspire the buyer to buy more than he had been originally contemplating. For example, by dint of a classy and well-stocked showroom, the customer could upgrade to a high-end automobile, he could decide on more elaborate renovations for his kitchen wall or he may pick the largest digitally-advanced television on display.

Source of information 

A physical showroom easily facilitates answering the queries of potential end-consumers. The most cutting-edge technology of bots answering our needs on touchscreens cannot defeat the essence of human communication and trust-based transactions. A showroom attempts to give the consumer a first-hand experience of the product that he wishes to purchase.

Cheaper rentals

Despite the recent sluggishness in the realm of retail, according to property watchers, standalone stores still offer the highest yields at 10-14 per cent. Rentals for high street properties are still lower than escalating mall rentals. After all, retail stores as an asset class has long-term appreciation and safety as catchment consumption is predicted to increase with time.

The Arrjavv presence

Cashing in on this trend, Arrjavv Square by reputed developer Arrjavv is a welcome addition to the commercial space in the city.Arrjavv of course, is a leading player in the realm of realty in the city. Riding on its requisite experience and utmost credibility, the brand has a proven track recordwhen it comes to building both commercial and residential properties within the city as well as its outskirts.

Located at Elliot Road in the heart of Kolkata, Arrjavv Square offers two whole levels dedicated to retail space – a perfect prospect to initiate state-of-the-art showrooms to bolster your business. Besides this, this upscale commercial property also boasts of five levels of premium office space.

Standing impressive with an energy-efficient glass facade and a double-height AC lobby, investing in this B+G+6 structured building with its well-planned retail and work spaces is more than a viable option. Enjoy critical amenities like 24X7 security surveillance system, fire fighting system, two high-speed elevators and uninterrupted power supply, including backup in the common areas. All in all, a perfect business opportunity to help you soar to greater heights!

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