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Simple interior design tips to make your home look more spacious!

We all desire to reside in a sprawling and expansive house. However, owing to factors like rising costs of property and scarcity of land, all of us are not always lucky to own a very large home. It is a known fact that small rooms can make one feel stifled and uncomfortable. But take heart: some simple techniques connected with interior designing can make your residence look much bigger than it is. With the festive season around the corner, now is the perfect time for you to apply these simple tips to give a more voluminous feel to your house.

Paint it right

One of the secrets to making a room look more spacious and airy is the colour of the walls. Paint, or even use wallpaper in bold patterns on the ceilings of the bedroom to make the room look taller. Always bear in mind the fact that anything that draws the eye upwards provides a more spacious feel to any home. Maintain consistency on the walls with light and bright colours that are more reflective. 

Let there be light

Lighting is a crucial element for opening up any space. Allowing natural light inside a room is the first step to making the room look larger. It is often a good idea to leave your windows uncovered to provide more light and depth to any room. 

For lighting fixtures, harsh top-down lighting pools focuses the light in one area. Instead, go with the classy table, and floor lamps placed all around at strategic locations to spread the light around and catch the fancy of any discerning eye!

Clear the clutter

De-cluttering is very critical since too much stuff around can make any space seem cramped up. For example, do not adorn your walls with too many photographs – one large dramatic art piece does the job better than a cluster of miniature ones. Again, while decking up any room, create a focal point and allow it to draw the focus towards it. In the dining area, it will usually be the table whereas the bed will be the centre of attraction in a bedroom. Keep the décor in the other parts of the room minimalistic.

As far as possible, it is advisable to keep your floors clutter-free; you can use large rugs to create the illusion of more floor space. With things neatly arranged, any room will feel orderly, open and airy. 

Mirrors matter

Mirrors are used by all interior designers to ramp up visual interest, to create optical illusions or to generate a happy vibe. Using a focal point and angling your mirror towards it helps in lending more depth to your living spaces. Try bringing in the beauty of the outdoors by arranging a group of mirrors on a wall opposite a window. You can also create the illusion of space in your bedroom by grouping mirror panels on a wall behind your bed or enlivening a dark corner by placing a full-length wall mirror smartened by a classy table lamp.

Impactful washrooms

The entry of maximum natural light is sure to convert your washrooms into the beautiful and relaxing space you always wanted. A light colour tile-and-floor scheme will create the impression of a larger space. Opt for large, plain-coloured floor tiles and extend your wall tiles right up to the ceiling to make it look much higher. Consider a frameless shower screen to get rid of all visual barriers. Recess your shelves into the walls since it is more aesthetically pleasing. Again, de-clutter and re-arrange the placement of your toiletries.

Double your kitchen’s square footage

Instead of having shelves, try using a pegboard which gives you a very flexible storage space that can be adjusted with time and your needs. Adding drawers to deep cabinets help you store more with more accessibility. You can multiply vertical storage space by using wired shelf risers. Installing hooks to hang mugs and customizing a chopping board that fits over your sink are other novelties for space-saving.

Classy upholstery

Go with plain, solid-colour upholstery instead of ones with busy patterns, to open up a room. It is also prudent to move your sofas and other furniture away from the walls to give them more breathing space. Furniture on legs allows light to pass under them, creating the illusion of a larger space.

Opt for space-saving and multi-functional furniture as they help to maximize the limited area available to you. For example, you will feel lucky to have a bed with drawers or bathroom vanity with storage space underneath. Clear accent pieces like transparent chairs or glass-topped tables can immediately re-invent your rooms to look more spacious.


Opt for roman blinds or shades instead of curtains for your privacy. If you still like curtains, make sure you stay away from dark colours. Sheer curtains are the best but if you still prefer coloured ones, make sure they are of the same family as the paint on your walls. It is prudent to hang your drapes from a point that is a little higher from the windows to make your space look bigger.

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