Benefits of a home inspection

A home inspection is an excellent practice to follow before purchasing a house. A home is essentially the most expensive purchase of our lives for most of us. It is our habitat where security and safety are of primary importance. A home inspection facilitates the current condition of the property. It aims to protect the family’s investment on a long term basis.

A home inspection is essentially a non-invasive examination of the house on sale or rental at times. Some aberrations may emerge in infrastructure, safety and security, making the property inhabitable. A professional Home Inspector has the keen eye to see through all this efficiently, which a layperson can miss out on. The Home Inspector is trained and certified to perform these inspections. The Inspector inspects the house, prepares and hands over an inspection report to the client. The current information does not guarantee the infrastructure or systems’ future condition.

There are many benefits to a home inspection:

  • Helps with plans: A home inspection allows the buyer to thoroughly understand any costs incurred at a later stage for security and safety issues. So a home inspection pays for itself, and an assessment helps with repair and maintenance costs and help with future expenses.
  • Helps to negotiate: Suppose the seller is unwilling to make the necessary repairs. In that case, it gives room for negotiation for the buyer on the initial price of purchasing the property and any financial stress in the future.  
  • Helps to choose: A home inspection allows the buyer to compare inspection reports and facilitates the comparison to select the right one. 
  • An unbiased opinion: Getting a home inspection done gives the buyer a third-party validated impartial view. The property value in terms of location, mortgage assessment, structural status and any hidden repair and maintenance costs become apparent to the buyer. 
  • Licensed Home Inspector: It is advisable to hire a registered and licensed home inspector to get the correct information about the potential property.
  • Helps with Future Plans: A property purchased post-inspection give a clear insight into plans about the maintenance and repair issues required in the future. The negotiated final price may accrue specific discounts, which may be utilised in property enhancement once purchased. 
  • Increased confidence: A professional home inspection gives confidence to the buyer to close the purchase deal with confidence at the right time. Being a budding buyer negotiating an arrangement of a lifetime, the buyer clarifies whether to close the deal or look for another property.  
  • Peace of mind: Buying a property with an approved value as per the local authority will give peace of mind to the buyer in times to come. 

Purchasing a property is an expensive decision. Having a home inspection done ensures that the home meets all the safety regulations given by the local authority. Post identifying a property, it is recommended that a registered Home Inspector be engaged to survey the property to assess good value for money. If the purchase is a residential property, it guarantees that the house is apt for conducive family life. 

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