Brighten Up your Home with Inspiring Colours of 2018

With the setting of the new year, it is obvious that there should be new things introduced into the home. As you have a 3 bedroom apartment in South Kolkata now, you must be planning for a new look. Then brighten up your home with the inspiring colors of 2018. With the list of beautiful bright home décor ideas on the internet, it will be very easy for you to look around and plan out your own. Whether you want to create a brighter space or change the darker shades into a dazzling one, you can easily check out the DIY ideas from the internet.

 2018 talks about sophisticated hues according to a quick research from the web. So, enrich your 3 bedroom apartment in South Kolkata with beautiful colors inside and out. If you want confident, composed and comfortable shades then go for bright pastels, these colors will surely captivate your attention. Let us check out the three palettes for your reference, thereby, helping you brighten up your home.


Confident: Dusky Blue

If you intend to remember the colors of the ocean, then go ahead with the azure shades to highlight your home’s high ceilings.

Confident: Sunshine Yellow

Have you ever thought of painting your floor with lemon yellow shade? You must be feeling weird, but no harm trying it out. No wonder, this shade will certainly make you feel happy as you look in your room.


Composed: Light Blue-Green

If you pair up blue-green shade with the black & white accessories of your study room, then it will simply look awesome. In fact, it will enliven a polished aqua look in your room.

Composed: Taupe Beige and Earthy Green

If you want a strong neutral tone for your living room, then nothing can complement the Taupe Beige and Earthy Green color.


Comfortable: Powdery Blue

If you are thinking of doing something different with colors then go for the traditional summer shades. Try the aqua shade as it gives a sophisticated and stylish look when grounded with brass accents and dark wood floors.

Comfortable: Pastel Pink

Use the ultra-feminine shade in your 3 bedroom apartment in South Kolkata to accentuate the natural light of the rooms. When you are talking about the ultra-feminine shade, nothing can complement the pastel pink color.

Hope, the above-mentioned colors will help you brighten up your 3 bedroom apartment in South Kolkata.

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