Checklist for Buying an Apartment during Festival

You must be aware of the fact that September-November is the festive season celebrated all across India with zeal and fervor. Durga Puja and Diwali are the two biggest Hindu festivals widely celebrated during this time (September – November). As none of these events isn’t a one-day celebration and goes on for a week at least, it becomes quite hectic, especially when it comes to buying a property. We are already over with Durga Puja or Dussehra and now awaiting another major event, the celebration of lights (Diwali). Most businessmen and traders believe this time to be auspicious especially when it comes to their profession. In fact, this particular period marks the beginning of the traditional calendar and the best time for buying and selling.

Keeping this in mind, last year, Mrs. Kusum Jhilla, one of the property buyers opened her daily morning newspaper to have a look at the advertisements related to the availability of the residential properties. As she was looking to buy a 3 BHK flat in Kolkata for long due to some urgency, she had to finalise during the festive season as there was no other option left. Initially, she was a bit worried as she decided to invest a heavy amount during the festive season, but later it was sorted.

True, there are possibilities of running at loss, but if you plan accordingly then you can both invest on your property and enjoy the celebration of lights simultaneously. Buying an apartment during the festive time will fetch you good discounts along with other interesting benefits. However, before anything, there are some useful points you must remember just like the way Mrs. Kusum Jhilla did. Here are the points as follows:

  • Before buying a property during Diwali, may be an ongoing project in South Kolkata, make sure you are confident about your need and the expense.
  • Check the discounts available are valid or not because many builders may be in the habit to hike prices during the festive time and then based on that they would give the discounts. Do not fall into this trap. So, cross check with the other realty companies and judge the exact price.
  • It has been noticed that builders try to entice property buyers with exciting offers. There may be offers where the buyers need not pay any EMI till he/she gets the possession. In fact, during the festive season, there are several schemes made by the builders which are pretty confusing. So, it is always commendable to read the terms and conditions carefully before taking any steps further.
  • There will be freebie offers which are exactly of no use. For example, like what Mrs. Kusum Jhilla faced. One of the builders offered her installation of split AC and a free dish washer along with it. In such cases, it would be better to speak to the builder directly and clear out everything. If you do not want to avail this offer, you can either ask for a cash benefit or ask to compensate in form of lower price value. So beware of accepting the gifts before the scheme is clear to you.
  • Do check out the builder’s track record before you make your purchase final.

As builders try to make the best out of the festive season, beware of everything and accordingly take the right decision.

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