Checklist for Home Fire Safety

You must be aware of the fact that if a fire starts suddenly at your home you will hardly have any time to escape. Only an early warning smoke alarm and a fire escape plan which has been practiced regularly can actually save lives. It is your responsibility to keep you and your loved ones safe and secure. So, try preventing fire hazards by taking basic precautions and sticking to some good habits around the home.

If you are planning to buy a luxury apartment, may be a premium apartment in Jodhpur Park Kolkata, then make sure you abide by the basic fire safety guidelines. Here below are a few important points to remember:

Smoke Alarms:
  • If smoke alarms are installed in your home, make sure to test them every month. Remember to change the batteries whenever required.
  • On every level of your flat, make sure you place at least one operational smoke alarm.
  • Make sure the smoke alarms are debris and dust free. Vacuum the exterior gently or/and wipe it with a cloth.
Kitchen safety:
  • When the food is getting cooked on the stovetop, ensure that an adult is there in the kitchen and children stay out from there.
  • Make sure there are no spills, clutter or grease on the stovetop.
  • Do not dare to use the oven in order to heat your home.
  • Check, that the electrical cords aren’t cracked or frayed and not run under rugs.
  • Remember to plug the appliances directly into wall outlets and restrict from using extension cords.
  • Always call a qualified electrician for all the electrical works for your home.
  • Do not ever keep lit candles unattendedas it can create a fire hazard. Consider using flameless candles.
  • Make sure you keep away all combustibles away from the ignition sources like pilot lights and water heaters.
  • Smokers are requested to smoke outside the apartment. Remember to extinguish the ashes completely
  • Keep away lighters and matches out of children’s reach & sight.
  • Follow the house rule  “No Smoking in Bed or When Lying Down”.
  • Ensure that all your family members are aware of the fire escape plan. If not, talk to them in person and make them undergo the practice twice a year.
  • Last but not the least make sure the escape route is clutter free and easy to operate.

Hope, the above-mentioned points will be helpful for you to maintain fire safety when buying a premium apartment in Jodhpur Park Kolkata.

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