Child-friendly infrastructure in residential complexes

One of the demands of modern home buyers today is children-friendly infrastructure in their homes nestled in residential societies. This not only allows children to have fun with freedom but also helps to develop social and communication skills among children in this age of nuclear families.

Modern housing complexes offer all the necessary facilities and amenities inside the residential compound and contributes to a more holistic development of the young ones. Top developers are thus catering to this requirement and coming up with condominiums promoting the same.

Some of the ways your child will benefit by living in a child-friendly environment are enumerated below:

Safe and secure play areas

All modern homes nowadays boast of play areas specially dedicated for children. These spaces offer adequate lighting and 24X7 CCTV monitoring, under the supervision of security personnel. This assures parents to allow their children to play in these areas without worrying about their safety, and at the same time, encourages the young learners to pick up the tenets of independence and self-confidence.

Exposed to much-needed greenery

The green outdoor stretches, serve as expansive oxygen providers, thereby promoting the much-in-demand concept of healthy living nowadays. In addition, natural playgrounds stimulate creativity in children, as well as their ability to appreciate the nuances of nature and their immediate environment.

Promotes participation in outdoor activities

Recent studies have revealed that India has the second-highest number of overweight and obese children in the world. Having dedicated play zones is sure to alter this depressing statistic and lead to children indulging in more outdoor activities rather than restricting themselves to digital gadgets inside their homes! Proper outdoor infrastructure helps youngsters improve their physical fitness as well as develop critical life skills like discipline, sharing and team spirit.

Builds confidence

The residential complexes are hiring the services of trained instructors to involve children in various sporting activities inside the premises itself. This obviously leads to the overall development of the young ones, outside school hours. Participation in other cultural events during festivals and special occasions also aid in boosting their level of confidence as well as their intellectual capabilities.

Arrjavv: Leading the way

Reputed developers like Arrjavv are building their new projects with an emphasis on green spaces as well as sustainable and open space reserves, which is the need of the hour.A case-in-point is the state-of-the-art condominium Sonar Kella located at Baruipur which is cradled in a lap of greenery. This housing project has caught the fancy of the discerning buyers since it offers a dedicated play zone indoor and outdoor for children in addition to more than 60% open spaces, a landscaped garden and a natural lily pond at the center of the complex. Arrjavv, as a group understands all the needs of the well-exposed home buyers and aspires to make the purchasing process a seamless one for them. It has earned the trust of all its patrons through its unwavering focus on quality and reliability.

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