Create a happy work space

What will make an office space more productive for its employees? What is the ideal location? What are the amenities it should offer? These are the vital questions and apprehensions in our mind while scouting for a commercial space for our business. After all, finding the ideal office can be quite challenging. But at the end of the day, a little detailing can make a big difference in your space occupancy. Once you have zeroed in on your budget, here are a few guidelines you can follow.


Location, location, location! This is the most important factor to consider while setting up office. It is best if you are located in the central business district of the city and close to where your clientele are. Not only can your clients reach you without any difficulty; you will also be able to access your clients seamlessly. 

Another important point to consider vis-a-vis the location is how viable the commuting options are to and from the place. The employees should be able to reach the office quickly and easily. The safety and security around the area is also an important point of consideration.


When you think about infrastructure, you need to consider regular maintenance of the property. It is important to take into account the age of the property as well as the essential facilities that are being offered like power backup, security, elevators, parking, eating options, etc. Good and reliable connectivity for your internet, landline, computers, printers as well as other gadgets is also important. 

Good parking ratio

Every office space must have a dedicated parking area for its employees and their guests. The parking lot must be safe so that the employees can park their vehicles without having to fear about any damage, theft or any other mishaps.

Welcoming environment

Most importantly, a good workplace must have a healthy environment conducive for the employees to put in their best. When opting for a modern office space, it is a good idea to involve your staff with regard to the design of the office. The right choice of wall colour, interiors and furniture will make the employees feel valued, energetic and overall enhance their productivity. 

We give you the best

At Arrjavv, we appreciate how your office is critical to your business journey. We have thus curated an exquisite collection of commercial properties in prime locations to cater to every need and budget. While all our offices are built to the highest standards of construction and offer a plethora of amenities, our transparent buying process has been specially designed to provide you with a smooth and pleasant purchasing experience.  

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