Declutter your home the Feng Shui way

Feng Shui also referred to as Chinese geomancy, is ‘a pseudoscientific traditional practice originating from China, which uses energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment’. This art of influencing the energies is derived by positioning or designing elements of the home in accordance with the principles of nature. Free energy is a harbinger of good luck, comfort, success and harmony. 

The 3000-year-old Chinese art brings positive chi (vitality) to enables us to declutter our life and living spaces. Clutter, in reference to this subject, often translates to postponed decisions and the inability to move forward in life. It refers to objects that we don’t use or love, possessions that are untidy and not organized and an excess of things that don’t fit into a space, as well as unfinished assignments. For example, Feng Shui directly interprets clutter in the main entrance as hiding fear in relationships, the disarray of closet items as the unwillingness to explore emotions and litter in the kitchen as resentment of self. 

Let us decode a few simple Feng Shui decluttering tips to enhance the good vibes in our homes.

  • Refer to the Feng Shui energy map: The ‘Bagua’ is an energy map of your home which is divided into distinct energy centres that are associated with different aspects of your life. The clutter accumulated in those centres may manifest itself as mental or physical illness. The map has a grid of nine sections, which are essential elements of a happy and prosperous life viz. wealth and prosperity; fame and reputation; marriage and relationships; new beginnings and family; health, children, joy and the future; knowledge and self-cultivation; career and life journey; and travel and helpful friends. If you are looking to declutter your home, start by aligning the ‘bagua’ to your floor and begin to clear the areas that are most critical.
  • Schedule the sessions: While letting go of possessions may be extremely difficult, scheduling a decluttering session might make you feel like it is an essential task. Since the task is all about influencing positive energies, you may want to be more mindful of the headspace you are in. The essence would be to not make it a regular cleaning task but a cleansing ritual – whereby keeping windows open and using an essential oil diffuser is recommended. 
  • Play with colours: Allegorically, the fire element spectrum is extremely powerful and can be meditated upon to bring positive chi. Warm colours like yellow signify happiness, purple symbolizes abundance and pink is associated with love. Wearing these colours while cleaning up, or bringing an element of any of these colours into the room while decluttering may help resolve pent up negative energy. You may want to avoid black completely as it is supposed to bring negative energies into the space.
  • Saving what matters the most: Salvaging important items is the goal of this ritual. Feng Shui emphasizes surrounding yourself with possessions that are beautiful and hold sentimental value. Ask yourself while decluttering which items would bring meaning to your life, and which of them can be discarded. That helps to set the pace of your decluttering ritual. 

Change your space and transform your life!

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