Design Your Balcony with Innovative Ideas

Sitting on a balcony during the thunderstorm has always excited me. In the newly built houses in Kolkata, a balcony or a verandah is almost a mandatory addition. A balcony in the house gives you the best protection from rain and at the same time lets you adore storms from a closer proximity. It also comes with bevy of benefits. These places act as an outdoor living space and at the same time offer a sheltered comfort.

As a beautiful balcony inflates your residential architecture, dressing it up to make it look fresh and renewed always. Check out here some tried and tested methods that I have used to perk up the balcony of my 3 BHK flat in South Kolkata.

A Pleasant Treatment to the Balcony Floors

Floors are an important part of balconies. Shabby floors are a perfect turn off. No matter, how much you have spent to accessorize the entire space, dull floors can cut down the glamour. So while updating your front balcony, use glossy paint that can add a zing to the balcony decor. You can even go creative by using various geometrical stencils on the floor.

Some other great options include a new floor rug, or bamboo mat or colorful carpets, which you can use to decorate the floors. But make sure that it fits well with the overall theme and color scheme of the balcony. Full-fledged carpeting sets in a stylish and cordial feel.

Hardwood flooring lends out an incredibly fresh appearance to a shabby balcony floor. Opt for a hardwood that’s resistant to molds and mildews, insects, and other sorts of damages caused by bacteria. Although it will add up a little extra to your budget, it’s a durable alternative to cedar wood flooring.

A Balcony Seating Should be a Perfect

Front balconies act as outdoor living space and sometimes work as a place to unwind. So a balcony seating should be spacious and at the same time cozy. Some of the ideal choices for balcony seating can be a glider, a rocking chair or a hanging swing. Gliders are always popular as they are relaxing for both adults and children. You can enhance your chairs or gliders with colorful throw pillows.

Brightness Enhances the Space

Lighting plays a significant role for visual enhancement of the balcony area. So, there should be adequate supply of light. Various balcony lighting fixtures are available at affordable rates, but before choosing these make sure that they seamlessly blend with the overall balcony décor. A dimmer switch can add a dreamy feel and at the same time facilitate energy saving.

Accessorize your Balcony

A beautiful flower design brings in renewed life to your balcony. Plenty of options are available now, ranging from hanging baskets to large floor planters. While choosing flowers, coordinate with the color scheme of the balcony to create a perfect mix and match setting.

Apart from flowers, there are other options to accessorize your balcony. A freshly accessorized balcony offers a perfect visual treat. Some of the popular options include candles, end tables, wind chimes, lamps, bird feeders (only if you are ready to put up with the mess created by birds). Curtains and rollup shades can also spruce up the ambiance and keep away harmful solar rays.

So, whatever decoration you do for your balcony, make sure that it ultimately reflects a refurbished feel.

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