Eco-friendly Living Tips for Your Apartment

We all want to live in an environment where we can breathe our heart out. This is what we focus when we plan to buy an apartment as well. Today, as it is becoming very difficult to live without air-conditioners and coolers in a house, homebuyers are always looking for some or the other way out. Say, for example, you are buying a luxurious flat in South Kolkata; normally you would like to install an air-conditioner or set up a cooler there. However, this practice isn’t good because this won’t reduce your carbon footprint. However, if you really want to stay eco-friendly and reduce carbon footprint, then you will be happy to know that this practice isn’t hard at all.

Live a greener life and also save money at the same time. Just think everything in a simple way. Go Green today and start living eco-friendly in your own apartment. Make sure you keep recycling things. Here below are a few eco-friendly apartment living tips.

Use Your Patio or Balcony to its Fullest Extent

In the pots, grow as many vegetables and herbs you can. In order to stay sustainable, you do not really need to dig up any ground. Just get some potted herbs and vegetables to get the best result. Just think in this way, if you keep growing enough vegetables and herbs at your home then you get benefited by having chemical free and toxic free meals. Moreover, you can breathe in fresh air. Every bit counts so why not think accordingly!

Use the machines at your home wisely

Check, whether the machines are energy efficient or not. Start switching off the lights when you leave your room and try replacing the old bulbs with the LED bulbs. Do not forget to unplug the PC in your room along with the other devices. On a regular basis adjust your thermostat according to the weather condition. As you start conserving energy, you will automatically start saving your money as well as the planet.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Did you know that there are several ways to decrease your fuel usage? First and foremost drive slow, ensure that your vehicle tires are properly maintained and inflated. If possible, avoid using your car to travel. Instead, take a bicycle or just walk down to your workplace and for longer trips you are suggested to take train or bus.

Clean the Green Way

Try to live in a green way. Use green cleaning products like vinegar, salt, sodium bicarbonate and baking soda for your home use. To be precise, green cleaning products and natural cleaners are considered as the smartest ways to clean the house. It is safe and a perfect non-toxic way to save the planet.

By now you have got a clear idea on how to make your apartment living eco-friendly. So, this time when you buy your new home, for example, a luxurious flat in Kolkata, make sure you remember these above-mentioned points without fail.

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