Four Tips to Consider Before Moving with Your Pet

Have you bought a new flat in the recent times? Or are you planning to buy one? Whatever be the situation, make sure you know how to take care of your pet during the move. It is not that easy for a pet to call a new place its home. There are many things to consider before moving to a new apartment, say a luxurious flat in South Kolkata.

Moving is a chaotic venture, especially when it is the festive time. If you are shifting with your pet to your new home either during the festive season or just right before it, ensure that you are prepared in all possible ways. At this time, the situation becomes more chaotic with traffic jams and crowd. Keeping all these things in mind, initially, we suggest you, to make the move right after the festive season. However, if you have no other option than moving during this time, then do note down the measures to be followed.

Have a Proper Planning

Take a note that the sooner you start planning the better it will be for you and your little friend. There are in fact, lots to do. Whether you are moving to a new town or planning to move in the same city itself, make sure you take good care of your pet. As pets can sense the change, it is obvious that they will show their anxiety.  They will either act clingy or unsettled. At this point of time at least one of your family members could take care of your little friend then nothing like it.

Stick to the Routines

As your dog is used to the daily routines, try to keep him/her involved as much as possible. Keep cuddling and talking to your little friend the way you have been doing so far. Make sure you do not keep the gap in between or give less importance to him/her. Try to keep things normal for your pet.

Talk to the Vet Doc

Before you make a move for your new apartment, do talk to your veterinary doctor. If your pet dislikes travelling then your vet will be the right person to get in touch with. The doctor will mostly suggest medication or behaviour modification techniques which will make the travelling less hectic. Do not forget to collect your little friend’s medical records as well. Due to change of place, there will be a change in the doctor as well, so the previous medical records are very important.

Travel with Your Little Friend

If you are not making an international travel, your little friend will likely be commuting by car. Just check it’s not a long distance travelling. A short distance will not bother much as it would be like a daily ride for him/her. In fact, it will be almost like a familiar ride for your pet.

Hope the above-mentioned points were helpful enough till now.

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