Getting the Right Vibes from Your Home With the Right Paint Colors

We put in a lot of decision while buying our dream home. There are a lot of factors involved, such as the location, the cost, the type of home, the neighborhood etc. And when you buy a house from Arrjavv Group, the top & best builders in Kolkata, you have already signed up for your dream house. But just buying a house isn’t everything. To make it the best, there are other efforts too that need to be put in. One of the most important things about setting up your place is to choose the right color, because the colors of the house decide the vibes that your home give off. Here is a guide on how to choose the right colors for your home.

1) Wait Till All Your Furniture is Set Up: While you might find it bizarre to wait till the end to get your house painted instead of painting it when the house is empty, this is it helps you in finalizing your paint color. When all your furniture has been set up, it gets easier for you to choose a paint color that complements the furniture in each room.

2) Look Around for Color Inspirations: When it comes to painting your home, you can find inspiration from anywhere. You can look online for themes and colors that interest you or even browse through magazines. It is always better to keep a list of themes ready so that when it comes to painting, you can easily select the ones you want to go with.

3) Combine Bold and Neutral: If you want your home to provide a look of subtlety, you can choose neutral colors such as beige or grey, which give a smooth vibe. Pair the neutral colors with furniture that have a bit more of a bold look. Otherwise, if you want to go with a funky look for your home, you can go with bold colors for the walls and even add patterns if you wish, and pair them with neutral furniture.

4) Go Over Color Catalogues: Paint companies these days often provide catalogs that have a wide range of shades in them so that people can choose from the catalog and use the color(s) that they find the best. You can also use testers and see how they look on your walls. That way, before finally painting your house, you can get a sneak peek of how certain colors look on the various walls of your house.

5) Choose Themes for Your Rooms: The various rooms of a house give off various types of aura and vibes, this is why each room should have its own theme of colors. If you are painting a child’s room, use bold colors such as yellow, orange, red, as they depict more energy. When it comes to painting the master bedroom, go for colors like jade, teal or tortilla for a look of elegance. Based on the type of vibes you want from a room, you can choose the color accordingly.

Painting your house can be a big task, and it requires a lot of patience. But choosing the right paint color for your home is important. With the right tricks, you can give your home a lovely look that gives great vibes.

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