It’s time for the biggest festival in Bengal – the Durga Puja. Amid a gloomy year, the festive season promises to add happiness and cheer to our lives. Traditionally, this is also the time when we all spruce up our homes to sync it with the festive cheer. There is so much to do when it comes to decking up our living abode- from adding a fresh coat of paint, to buying new upholstery, and even incorporating plant additions to add the essential element of peace and tranquillity to our lives. 

Below are some simple, yet innovative ideas to get your home ready for the festivities.

Accessorize the Entrance

The first impression is always the best one! Bright bead curtains, floral lights, hanging flowers and colourful rangolis help to pretty up the entrance. If one is looking at a complete renovation, the colour of the walls could be customized to an ethnic shade of orange or turmeric. Flower wreaths and intricate alpana patterns can instantly create an atmosphere of celebration. You can also enhance the aesthetic value and opt for a traditional look by placing mud diyas and flower vases. 

Revisit the Living Room

The festive season invites friends and relatives to our homes. So sparkling up the living room is always a good idea. Make your centre table look more appealing by enhancing it with flowers, lights and other attractive decorative items. If artifacts fall under your style quotient, install Dokra idols of the Goddess herself to lend the room with a touch of arty brilliance. Earthen matkas filled with water, complete with floating candles, is sure to welcome your guests with a warm and welcoming feel. Ambient lighting, classy lanterns, plants and decorative mats exude a calm and positive vibe. 

Light-up the Hallway

Lights and radiance signify festivity. You can deck up the corridors and hallways in your home by using laser-cut lanterns to achieve the effect of dangling wall patterns. Afghan lanterns could be used for a Technicolor effect to enlighten the aura of the corridors. Exclusive alpana motifs can bring in the subtle elegance and instantly uplift the ambience.

Bedroom Embellishments

This is the best time to upgrade your upholstery and spread out new bed sheets, preferably in bright, pastel colours. Change the curtains too. Consider adding festive wallpapers and paintings to enhance the beauty of the walls. Usher in the cosmic divinity through the use of tiny fairy lights, diyas and earthen wind chimes. The cumulative effect of the pastel shades, the serene glow of the diyas and the tinkle of the wind chime is sure to provide an ethereal setting to your bedroom. 

Balcony Décor

This open-air space can be turned into a foliage haven – with potted plants of varied hues. Colourful ceramic pots on aesthetic wooden shelves could be used as props. Placing a rug or a comfortable chair could help with the evening musings on the bright and celebratory October evenings.

Go Minimalistic

The most important thing to remember while beautifying your home for the festive season is to keep it neat and tidy. A clean and refurbished home facilitates the flow of positive energy. At the same time, too many decorative items will look garish. Keeping it simple and minimalistic will go a long way in adding the festive sparkle to your home’s décor! 

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