Growing Demands for Residential Properties in South Kolkata

With the huge expansion in the city, the emerging real estate market is working hard to do something useful for all potential home-buyers. Not just the Rajarhat area or the North Kolkata vicinity, South Kolkata too is equally facing the growing demands of the residential properties. After a quick research on this, we have found out that nowadays home-buyers are mostly looking for top-class amenities and designs at pocket-friendly rates. Say for example, tastefully finished apartments with exclusive amenities and facilities. Come! Let us share with you a story based on this.

Listen to the Customer Story

A few months back, we happened to talk to a lady, who is presently our eminent customer as well, about her experience as a new homeowner. She started saying that in the initial years of her search for a good apartment, she used to visit her friend’s house in Kolkata who had very recently moved into a smart apartment. She was quite often invited by her friend, which gave her the opportunity to enjoy the comforts of the new apartment. She discovered that the apartment complex is a spaced out project with the breath of fresh air. Amidst strong concrete structures, the beautiful complex has been built. Talking to her further we could feel that she was quite pleased with the property designs, appearance, amenities and services. This helped us to approach her with our amazing residential project list.  The lady was absolutely elated with the locations and she asked for a property specifically in South Kolkata.

Reasons for Location Preference

Now, this made us ask her about the liking towards South Kolkata particularly. To this, she happily said that South Kolkata has the old charm, just like “old wine in a new bottle’. Most importantly the inter-city connectivity and the famous access points have played a significant role. South Kolkata residents get easy access to good transport network which includes metro railways, auto rickshaws, buses and cabs. Of course, with this come the warm atmosphere around and the posh neighborhoods to create a perfect comfort level.

Other benefits include prestigious educational institutions, leading hospitals, banks, shopping malls, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and so on. All these could actually summarize her preference for the South Kolkata location. She was quite excited to buy a residential complex in South Kolkata as soon as possible and we were happy to help her out. Not just she, but there have been many such stories where people were pretty excited to buy flats in South Kolkata. So are you one of them as well? Then get in touch with us today and we shall serve you the apartment as per your requirement.

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