‘Half rooms’ are here to stay!

Here’s introducing a new trend in real estate. At a time when dwelling spaces are shrinking, the concept of “half bedroom” is steadily gaining steady momentum. A tried-and-tested model in the West; it is slowly finding its way into the Indian real estate market. The ultimate four walls of any dwelling are subject to these “cosmetic changes” to fulfil the futuristic family requirements of any buyer.

Several leading developers are today catering to the mid-category of every segment and increasing their customer base by offering additional options of half-a-bedroom. For instance, a couple can be happy in a 1-BKH apartment but would not mind a 1.5-BHK unit to accommodate their growing family. In fact, it is worthwhile to mention here that, in addition to the lower and mid-scale segment, this trend is on the climb in the luxury class as well. Builders are customizing 3.5 and even 4.5 BHK units to satisfy this demand.

The concept, explained

In addition to providing 1, 2, 3 or 4 BHK units, providing the extra half configuration has elevated the notion of home buyers of living in a larger and spacious home. In fact, developers today are happy tailor-making these 0.5 configuration dwellings as per the request of new home buyers. 

So what exactly is this “half bedroom”? It primarily serves the purpose of an extra room in any residential project. It is a utility room that does not include an attached washroom and may not even have windows. Families can use it as a guest bedroom or a multi-utility room, complete with a sofa-cum-bed. It can also serve as a playroom for children, a library or even a study. In today’s pandemic-stricken times, these rooms can also double up as the perfect “uninterrupted” space to pursue your work-from-home routine!

The Rationale behind this new fad

Offering unique and imaginative alternatives to the usual bedroom-hall-kitchen formats is the need of the hour and a safe solution to the space crunch faced in the domain of realty. Experts in the field of real estate opine that these offers not only attract the buyers but also spur sales. Usually, the 0.5 configuration is either a part of the terrace, hall or the store room that can later be modified into a bedroom in case the need arises. Of course, by availing the 0.5 extra space, the buyer not only saves a little vis-à-vis the buying amount but also ends up staying in a bigger living area. 

Thumbs up to trusted builders

Buying a new home is a momentous occasion in our lives. So one should invest their hard-earned money only with trusted developers, in the pursuit of their dream home. Developers like Arrjavv have gained a reputation that is hard to beat thanks to their unwavering focus on quality and reliability. The Group always comes up with exciting offers for the benefit of its customers. It is always abreast of its competition when it comes to its consistent innovation, unique architecture and engineering marvels.

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