Home Accessorizing Mistakes You Should Stay Away From

When it comes to decorating our homes, everyone wants to go with the best and the latest trends. However, not each trend or accessory might suit your home, keeping in mind the tone and the styling of your house. When going for home accessorizing, steer clear of these 8 accessorizing mistakes.

1) Forgetting to Examine All the Deformations: When accessorizing or decorating the home, people usually stick to adding new products to make the house look elegant. However, what they often forget is to check up on any deformities or eyesores, such as a wall with withered out paint, or dirty switchboards and outlets, or a broken light fixture. Whatever it is, make sure you fix it because even the tiniest of the defect can make your house lose its charm.

2) Using Accessories that are Way Too Small: Small things do look cute. But that doesn’t apply for every small accessory. When buying accessories, picture how it will look in the room you will be placing it, because scaling is important. Buy accessories that complement the mood and the purpose of the room rather than buying things at random.

3) Buying the Commonest Stuff: The last thing you would want is for your guests to be able to tell where you got your art collection or accessories. Avoid buying things that are found most commonly and pretty easily in the market. Go for accessories that are rare and often radiate elegance and show your cultivated taste in art and culture. If you are on a budget, you can look for classic stuff online at a reasonable price.

4) Placing Pictures Awkwardly: If you are planning to accessorize your home with the picture, purchase the ones that go with the theme of the room and also picture the scaling of the picture according to the walls. Apart from that, it is necessary to place the pictures perfectly on the wall. Don’t hang pictures too high as they won’t be visible to the guests otherwise. Also, make sure you hang the pictures straight and not a crooked or tilted.

5) Filling the Home with Old Stuff: Many people like to decorate their homes with things they have owned previously. While memories should always be cherished, but not by using old items from the past to accessorize the home. If you are too attached to the souvenirs, you can keep them in cabinets so you don’t have to throw them away.

6) Uneven Scaling of Rugs and Carpets: Rugs and carpets are the most important elements of flooring. So it is important that you scale the room properly before buying rugs or carpets. Don’t buy rugs that are too small, thus leaving the furniture legs outside, and don’t buy rugs big enough to flood the entire room. When buying carpets, ensure that you buy the size that fits the usable area perfectly.

7) Disarrayed Pillow Arrangement: Pillows may not seem important, but the arrangement of pillows in the perfect way always looks sophisticated. Do not stuff all your pillows together in a corner, or place one pillow at a place. Go for an assortment of pillows and cushions and arrange them in a proper way.

8) Ignoring Plants: Plants always add to the beauty of a well-accessorized home. However, most people forget to add plants to their homes. If you are not able to take proper care of plants such as watering them, then you can opt for indoor plants, such as cacti, bonsai, snake plants etc which mostly need little watering and just need to stay in the shade. Adding plants to your home definitely doubles the energy level in the house.

Accessorizing the home needs a lot of things to be kept in mind. With the right accessories, your home can radiate the best vibes not just for your family, but to the people who visit your house as well. Buy a flat in the best new commercial projects in Kolkata and build your happy home with your family.

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