Home-care during the monsoons

The monsoon is finally here to save us from the oppressive summer heat.  But while it rains cats and dogs, we also need to adjust to the constant dampness all around. Our homes, especially, deserves special attention to stay free from cracking, ageing and leakage. In fact, this season can be a nightmare for our residences unless we have taken precautions to safeguard it during this wet period. Leakage, cracks, mould and fungus are some of the common problems that we are confronted with at this time of the year.

Below are some useful tips that give us an idea about the issues that our homes may face during the monsoons and how to stay clear of them.

  • Waterproof walls

This is of utmost importance during the rainy season. Opt for waterproof paints in the exterior as well as interior of your homes, preferably before the commencement of the monsoons, to safeguard them against dampness, “peeling” and “blistering”. Specialized paints that are modified with silicon and provide high water repellency are your best bet to stay safe in this season.

  • Check electrical components

Exposed electric sockets and wiring is the chief cause of short-circuit. Deploy an electrician to check and encase sockets, install a voltage regulator and carry out all the necessary maintenance for other electric components and gadgets in the house.

  • Seal gaps and leakages

Ensure there is no leakage from structural cracks on the roof and the walls of your home. Locate gaps and loose hinges that may prevent the doors or windows from shutting properly. Plug these to ensure no water can enter the rooms during a blustery downpour. Painting metal grills and frames are a good way to ensure they stay dry.

  • Efficient drainage system

The drainage system should not be clogged. Accumulated or stagnant water are a breeding ground for bacteria and other mosquito-borne diseases like Dengue and Malaria.

  • Special care for wooden furniture and flooring

It is prudent to keep naphthalene balls in your cupboards and drawers in this season to prevent them from moisture and other insects. Spraying the furniture with a waterproofing solution ensures the dampness does not mar their beauty. A termite control spray should be used as preventive for termites since termite-attack is very common during the monsoons. If you have wooden flooring and door, application of wax can prevent it from damage from the excess moisture in the air.

  • Maintenance of carpets and rugs

Carpets and rugs are best rolled up in this season to keep them away from the musty smell enhanced by the excess moisture in the air around this season. Alternatively, vacuuming them regularly will ensure they are clean and dust-free. Ensure there is cross-ventilation in the house to keep humidity levels in check and the air inside the house fresh.

Credibility matters

Buying homes from credible developers like Arrjavv can help you stay worry-free during the rains. With quality and reliability being its hallmarks, all the living spaces constructed by this reputed developer are built brick-by-brick using the best materials to ensure there is no dampness, seepage and other related issues during the monsoons. This is in line with the Group’s policy of always providing happy homes, for happy families!

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