Home Design Trends 2019

Exposed lighting, subway tiles and rose gold shades were some of the most preferred 2018 home decor trends. Of course, with a brand new year there will be new decorating ideas and tips. As you wrap-up the old year, there are many things coming your way to make the New Year a memorable one.  It’s already time for you to look at the trends and colours that would swoon over in 2019.

As we enter a fresh year, we start making grand resolutions and promises to stay positive, be more productive, stay healthier and over all be a better person. In fact, we commit to perk up ourselves but what about the place where we live? Believe it or not, but our homes are a perfect reflection of our lifestyle. So, be very particular when working on the home decor.  Our home deserves all care and love, especially when stepping into a New Year.

A couple of days’ back a dear friend of mine wanted to know about the 2019 home decor trends in order to smarten the look of her flat in South Kolkata. To which I came up with the following ideas.

So, here we go:

Spruce Up Your Home by Embracing these Hottest Trends

Treat Yourself with Terrazzo

As per the studies, ‘terrazzo’ has been chosen to be the most trending interior designs of 2019. Not just floor tiles but the side tables and coffee tables with terrazzo designs are on high demand as well. Even the terrazzo tile patterns will be seen on carpets and wallpapers. This is a blast from the past coming with a contemporary twist.

Get a Classic Kitchen

It is believed that more traditional and conventional kitchen designs will be dominating the New Year. Take a quick look at the British kitchen designs and you will get a clear idea. A few interior designers have stated that kitchen with fine millwork details, closed cabinetry, honed surfaces authentic period hardware and wire mesh door panels will be on demand in 2019.

Embrace a Round Shape

2019 will witness 1970s inspired ‘rounded furniture’. A curvy design artistic visual will be on display this year. The designers say that rounded back-chairs are the best way to introduce the curvy trend to any home.

Play with Metals

The concept of mixing metals has been into trend in 2018 and is waiting to come back with a bang in 2019. This New Year it will be all about mixing of metals and textured materials. Designers say that a wide variety of textures will help in adding contrast and depth, thus creating an ideal multi-dimensional space.  Certainly you can use rich upholstery materials like the velvet juxtapose with cashmeres and cosier wools. Of course, these would be a great addition to the constant mix of highlights that includes iron, gold-plated metals and brass.

Go With Green

The colour green is considered to be sophisticated, calming yet thought-provoking. Designers believe this colour would look all the more interesting in 2019. The colour will make your rooms refreshed and refined. As we focus on nurturing our environment and also stay away from plastics in our day-to-day life, it becomes obvious to do something that would help us to support the cause. Of course using green on walls and furniture will certainly be a good move.

Hope, the above-mentioned ideas sounded good to you just like what my friend felt. We are expecting to receive positive feedback from your end.

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