How to Achieve a Wow Home Makeover in a Pocket-friendly Budget?

Give your home a style makeover! We all know how recession-conscious state has made us a penny-pincher. Mostly we look up to different options when it comes to home décor, food or fashion. The idea is to cut expenses and save money.

Browsing through the internet will help you get several budget-minded designs to which you can stick to. Everyone has a dream to live in a deluxe home with spacious rooms followed by magnificent decor and sprawling balcony from where one can enjoy the view of their beautiful garden. Not all can afford what they dream but why not look for something similar within the budget. Here below are some ideas which will lead you to achieve a wow home makeover title for your residential property.

Three Mantras: Simple, Practical, and Real

Residing in urban areas in the cosy apartments and decorating the apartment as per preference can be challenging. However, it is not impossible if you follow the three mantras: Simple, Practical and Real. It is true that simple decor will always add elegance to a small home keeping easy on your pocket. To reflect spaces in your house make sure that the walls are painted in light colours. Use hued and vertical striped curtains to add a proper height to the rooms. Of course, you have the option to add stylish clutches, rings, and tie-backs to your curtains.

When it comes to furniture, buy the tall pieces that have multiple storage options with several benefits. For example, get bed accompanied with concealed chest drawers, multi storage cabinet, wall mounted study/dining table, etc. To give your living room a fashionable get-up, you can place bright coloured bean bags, mattress or rugs with cushions. This will not only make your room look spacious but will give a comfy floor setting as well.

Are you looking for a smart, innovative and intelligent storage solution for your residential property? Then utilize the unfilled spaces on the walls and the inconspicuous space between your room’s ceiling and floor. You can set-up a wall cabinet/shelf to display your books and artefacts. To store your knick knacks make use of a bamboo basket or an attractive container. Use wall hooks to hang your clothes/belts/keys. Set-up a wall mounted television to provide space in your room.

Go Green Concept

The most picturesque and cheapest way to add a spark to your residential property is to place potted plants and beautiful flowers in your balcony, kitchen or living room. No wonder this set-up is sure to brighten up the home decor.

Being on a pocket-friendly budget means being selective on what you buy. So, whenever you are planning to achieve a wow home makeover in a pocket-friendly budget, make sure you tag on the ideas as mentioned above.

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