With spiraling real estate prices, most developers are opting to construct smaller sized apartments so that they remain in the affordable category. Moreover, developed cities do not have much vacant space in prime locations and therefore, people have to make do with smaller sized living spaces. However, there are certain tricks to make the space seem larger than it actually is. Check out these ingenious ideas that can work in any home to enlarge your rooms and double your living space.

  1. Replace regular doors with sliding doors

Instead of actual walls that box in home, sliding doors can be used to demarcate areas to create an open concept when necessary or close up the space when required. Sliding doors are also a great alternative to conventional wardrobe doors since the extra room is not required for doors to swing open.

  1. Use overhead storage space to the maximum

Whether you live in a small apartment or a large home, having adequate storage can really make or break your space. Overhead cabinets up to the ceiling reduce clutter and can really go a long way in organizing your home for a hassle-free space.

  1. Using mirrors can visually double the size of the room

Mirrors not only trick the eye but also work to maximize light flow so your home will immediately be enlarged. Opt for one entire wall covered in mirrors for maximum impact.

  1. The right colour scheme can make a room feel larger

Colours, when used sparingly and efficiently, can liven up a room and can also work in your favour to make the space seem bigger. Light colors make the room feel bigger.

  1. Glass walls prevent your home from looking too boxed in

Glass walls allow you to create clear boundaries while still allowing natural light to flow through. More importantly, contrary to popular belief, glass can be used throughout the home. Use glass in a guest room, bedroom, study, kitchen or even in a bathroom.

  1. Avoid bulky furniture that can fill up a small space

Just as bulky furniture that is too large for your rooms will make your home feel small and over filled, armless pieces will do the opposite. Choose a sofa without arms or occasional pieces such as an armless accent chair to add seating space. You’ll be amazed at how much difference a single armless chair can make in your home.

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