Hygiene and safety a top priority for gated communities

Alerted by the rising number of Covid-19 cases in the “second wave”, many residential complexes and gated communities in the city have started enforcing a set of rules to control the spread of the virus. This is a very timely and critical move since this “big” phase is witnessing even many children testing positive along with the adult population.

So let us encapsulate some of the expected standard operating procedures (SOPs) being undertaken by these gated communities to ensure the safety of their residents.

  • First and foremost, the entry of delivery personnel, domestic help, vendors and other service personnel are restricted as a critical safety measure. Their entry, if at all, is only being permitted after checking their body temperature and completing all sanitizing protocols.
  • The security and other service personnel are also being provided with time-to-time sanitization facilities as well as regular health check-ups to safeguard them as well as the residents of the complex.
  • Usage of commonly-used amenities like gymnasiums, swimming pools, parks and clubs inside the complexes are being curbed. 
  • Since many young children are getting affected by the infection now, many condominiums have shut down the play areas and other outdoor activities. Children are being encouraged to indulge and participate in indoor activities.
  • The pandemic situation has also demanded that all functions, festivities and other social gatherings have been suspended from taking place inside the complexes. 
  • Common areas like elevators, common landing areas, door handles and gates that are usually accessed by a lot of people are being regularly sanitized every few hours. Dedicated housekeeping staff has also been employed for timely cleaning of all these common areas.
  • All interior and renovation work inside the flats have been temporarily suspended.
  • In case any resident or their family members are visiting from abroad, they are being requested to stay in home quarantine for at least a fortnight.
  • In the event that any flat member has unfortunately contracted the virus, it is being ensured that they get into isolation status immediately. The errands of the family are generally run by the designated housekeeping team of the complex.
Arrjavv: Safety first

As one of the leading real estate developers in eastern India, Arrjavv thrives on the safety of its patrons as one of its top-most priority. Thus the Group is leaving no stones unturned to conserve the safety of all the inhabitants in all their residential projects built in prime locations in Kolkata and across the State. 

For example, in their condominium complex Sonar Kella at Baruipur, all necessary SOPs, as mentioned above, have been put into place to arrest the recent upswing of the pandemic. This prestigious project, cradled in the lap of greenery amid a natural lily pond, houses 206 flats spreads across six towers. With vast open spaces and lush green trees, the good health of each flat member at Sonar Kella is being prioritized by the Group. After all, this project is all about celebrating the golden moments of life in comfort, luxury, and safety!

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