Keep your home cool without the AC!

It’s the peak of summer and the mercury continues to soar across the country. Usually, this is the time we are glued to our air conditioners to get respite from the oppressive heat. However, in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the world, several reports have been doing the rounds claiming that excessive usage of AC’s may lead to a spurt of the virus. That leaves us with the decision to go the “natural” way to keep our home interiors cool this summer. Besides, some people anyway refrain from using the air conditioners and prefer to live in a natural environment.

How do we go about this and make ourselves comfortable? Read on for some easy suggestions. 

Draw the curtains

Use light coloured curtains in your rooms to keep them cool. Choose from breathable materials like cotton, sheers, jute sheets or bamboo shades. Stylish curtains, when drawn especially from late morning till early evening, will not only make any room look fashionable but will go a long way in lowering the indoor temperature. 

Cross ventilation is the key

Enjoy a pleasant breeze inside your home by strategically opening your windows at opposite ends to facilitate cross ventilation.  Use a fan to direct the air in the appropriate direction. In fact, this practice has been enjoyed for generations when modern facilities like air conditioners were not in vogue. It saves money, allows us to enjoy the freshness of pleasant air and does not cost a dime to implement!

Lighter wall colours

To negate the harshness of the summer months, top interior stylists recommend painting the walls with light colours that reflect heat and light instead of absorbing it. Colours ideal for summer are soft, sensitive and refined. Go with pastel shades and soft, neutral hues. Needless to say, they will not only keep the interiors very cool but also make the space brighter. So you can give your home a quick seasonal upgrade with a fresh coat of paint or can even maintain these shades round the year!

Opt for natural fibres 

We all find it difficult to enjoy a good night’s sleep when it’s too hot. So if you are sleeping without the AC, linen and cotton are ideal fabrics to be used on your bed for the warmer months.  They are made of natural fibres that breathe well and help us to escape the heat.  Satin, silk or polyester are best avoided during this time of the year. 

The serene window planters

You are sure to benefit from window planters in your room to detox, humidify and cool the air. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, plants like aloe vera, areca palm tree, ficus tree and ferns help to purify toxins as well as humidify the air owing to their high rate of transpiration.

Keep the humidity at bay

Last but not the least, it is a good idea to invest in room humidifiers that help to draw out moisture from the air, resulting in cooling down your immediate surroundings. These humidifiers have also gained popularity since they remove environmental hazards like dust, grime and pet dander as well as protect valuables that are susceptible to moisture. 

So let us change the colours and textures inside our home to blend them with the changing seasons to create a symphony of rhythm and joy throughout the year!

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