Keep Your Home Greener and Cooler this Summer

40 degrees, 43 degrees, 45 degrees, phew! Let’s face it, it’s too hot outside and the temperature is rising and we do not know where it will stop! With time, the days are going to get warmer. While we totally depend on the air conditioners and fans to keep ourselves cool, there are many eco-friendly tricks which can be of great help to keep everything cooler around us. So, if you are thinking about keeping your home cool and breezy this summer without worrying about the electricity bill, here are some tips which can help you in your endeavours. Let us now see what they are:

  • Utilise Your Blinds and Curtains Well: About 30% of the unwanted heat enters through the windows and if you can utilise the blinds and curtains well, you can actually save up to 7% on your electricity bills. Also, the room temperature will go down by 20 degrees! Isn’t that amazing? So, keep your curtains drawn and blinds closed during the daytime to keep off the scorching summer heat.
  • Include Indoor Plants and Shrubs: Plants can keep your home sweet home cooler this summer. Plants create their food with the help of photosynthesis and this process allows them to absorb heat. Also, during transpiration, plants release moisture which helps to keep the indoor temperature low. There are a number of indoor plants you can choose from. Pay a visit to the nearest nursery today!
  • Let the Night Breeze In: The only relief during the summers is the night breeze! The temperature drops at the end of the day. And hence, you must let the night air come in. Wide open the windows and switch off the lights to naturally cool your home. However, make sure that you draw back the curtains and close the windows before the harsh sun peeps in!
  • Remove Incandescent Bulbs: Do you know that your increase in the electricity bill is because of all those incandescent bulbs? Yes, and also they make the rooms warmer. So, it’s the best time to switch to CFLs. The incandescent bulbs waste around 90% of their energy through the heat they emit.

Following the above-mentioned tips can actually help you to keep your living space of 2 bhk flat in Kolkata greener and cooler during the harsh summer days. However, it is vital to keep yourself cool as well. Hence, make sure you carry an umbrella whenever you step out of home, drink loads of water and juices and eat less of street food. Happy summers!

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