Location VS Size

If you are confused about this when you are buying a home, read on to arrive at a prudent decision…

Whenever we think of purchasing a house, we are struck by a pressing question: is size or location more important? With both factors being equally crucial, there is no definitive answer for this. Both are even inter-related in many ways. As much it is about your taste, it also depends on your actual needs and capabilities. Below are some factors you might need to consider if you are stuck in this age-old dilemma of whether to opt for size or location vis-à-vis your dream home.

Size truly matters when…
  • You have a large family

If the size of your family is large, then you might sometimes have to sacrifice the best location to move into a home that is big enough to accommodate the entire family. Since the average living space for a family of four to live at ease is approximately 2,400 sq. ft., comfortable living for the whole of the household will be the key here.

  • You plan to start a family

If you’re planning to grow your family, it is always better to opt for a more spacious home. An additional room for your child will always prove to be advantageous in the future. It will also work to be gainful if you are planning to have pets in the future. Entertaining guests will also be a much easier option in this scenario.

  • You are downsizing

Whether it is owing to retirement, the sake of simplicity or other factors, you might often consider moving into a smaller house. This can come with a lot of upsides: saving time for cleaning, dealing with less clutter and of course, saving money! It is worth it if simplifying your life and saving costs is high on your list of priorities.

  • You are a frequent traveller

If you work entails you to travel frequently, a small-sized home is just what you require. The cost to maintain it will be lower plus it will be far easier to take care of a smaller establishment. If you’re not home most of the time, the location shouldn’t make much of a difference.

A good location is a necessity when…
  • You can commute easily

Families with members busy with work today scout for houses that allows easy commuting. Any home that is close to the workplace, as well as schools for children, always hold the edge over the others. Studies have proved that people with a shorter commute enjoy more free time and are thus subject to less stress.

  • You enjoy proximity to essential amenities

Factors like proximity to the airport, railway station as well as the presence of amenities like top-notch educational institutions, hyper-local markets, shopping malls, entertainment zones and 24-hour modern healthcare facilities will go a long way in enhancing the locational advantage of any property.

  • You intend to rent out or sell your place eventually

The geographic location of your house becomes very vital if you want to sell or even rent it out in the future. A prime location is sure to command a profitable resale value or give you a higher rental income, as the case may be.

  • You want a safe and crime-free environment

Of course, one cannot compromise with safety! Established, and prime localities generally have better facilities for ensuring safety and security. Homes in gated communities have thus gained immense popularity in recent times.

Arrjavv : Spoiling you with choices

In conclusion, it is safe to say that you are the best judge of what your home should be, after careful consideration of relevant factors like location and size. Top-notch developers like Arrjavv make your decision-making that much more straightforward. Their perfect selection of residential projects, past, present or upcoming, are all developed in prime locations and cater to every need and budget. Built with the highest standards of construction, these life-changing homes, in different sizes, offer all the modern amenities and facilities that the well-informed home buyer needs today.

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