Luxury on a budget

Change is constant!

Bored of your home interiors? Try out these simple and inexpensive renovation strategies to liven up your living spaces again

It is always a good idea to carry out some quick renovation work in your home to escape the monotony of life and restore the vibrancy to your living spaces. In fact, even a few minor aesthetic changes can make your living abode look new again. Even on a budget, you can make a lot of difference by simply tweaking your existing spaces without going in for any major modifications.

A dash of colour

Adding a fresh coat of paint to a room or just a wall gives it a whole new dimension. Whether you tone down a shade or add a bold one, a cohesive colour scheme is very useful in changing the look and feel of any room. Opt for classic neutral shades or solid bold ones and see your rooms spring to life immediately. 

New towels please

For a more enriching day-to-day showering experience, it is time to throw away your old dingy bath towels and invest in new, colourful and fluffy ones. These will immediately trigger a feeling of well-being as well as help to brighten up your washrooms.

Ditto with your pillows and cushions: discard the old ones and invest in newer and fuller ones. If nothing at all, go in for some bright cushion covers and see how they change the outlook of the house!

Let there be light

Lighting affects every detail of any room, right from the various colours and shades in your fixtures to the perception of size and space available. It is thus advisable to employ ambient lighting to add zing and character to any room. You will be spoilt for choice vis-a-vis a wide array of upmarket designs in downlights, cove lights and pendant lamps.

Update old fixtures

Simple changes like new handles, door knobs, light switches and others new fixtures are sure to change the complexion of any room. 


If your house has a few tacky memorabilia, faded photographs and old knick-knacks, it is prudent to get rid of them. Removal of visual waste from your home will instantly make it look more luxurious. File paperwork out of sight; find a space for everything and clear the clutter!

Add visual space

Make any space look larger than what it is by the smart placement of mirrors. Large mirrors reflect the room back thereby giving it an illusion of space. Needless to say, they are considered as essential staging accessory by several top-notch real estate developers. 

Accent on accessories

How about having some green indoors? Having small potted plants inside the house does not only make it look stylish; it provides that serene and calming feeling as well. Placing fresh flowers regularly in stylish vases will also go a long way in making you feel good about the environment around you.  

Play around and frame some nice photos of the family, showcase mementos and have bookshelves with not only books but other fancy items as well. Hang a large, stylish clock appropriately and enjoy an elegant feel to the room.

So go ahead, get creative to gift your home an impression of your identity and let it stand out as a reflection of your style statement!

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