Message to NRIs

Dear Friends,
Arthur Baer, the great American humorist is famously said have remarked that you can take a man out of a country, but you cannot take the country out of the man. While applicable to varying degrees to many nationalities, none perhaps exemplifies the above sentiment more than us Indians. Despite achieving great success in far off lands, we remain irrevocably rooted to our home. The global Indian, even while managing the demands of a successful professional life strives furiously to preserve her ties to her homeland, hoping to pass on our proud heritage and cultural values to the next generation. This attempt to maintain the continuity of our values in our globalised families often takes the form of a purchase of house in the place of our birth to in order to cement our families to our motherland. However most such endeavors are met with frustration and anxiety on account of unscrupulous real estate developers and lack of transparency in the buying process that hobbles the purchase decision.
We at Arrjavv have long wanted to address your aspirations and assuage your concerns. Thus with great thought and reflection we have launched “Cavetto” especially to cater to your needs. Located in the sylvan surroundings of Jodhpur Park one of the most exquisite localities of Kolkata, Cavetto is an unmatched blend of luxury and serenity. With state of the art elevation, every apartment has a triple sky deck that provides a commanding view of the tranquil and unpolluted surroundings. Lavishly sized apartments in the range of 4500 sq ft offer unlimited creative opportunities to construct an environment of your choice. A unique yoga patio and private club complement the perfectly landscaped garden and grand double height entrance lobby. A state of the art security system ensures that your loved ones can enjoy the facilities of the property with gay abandon.Besides ensuring that your family can blissfully immerse itself in the vast and varied culture of our country without compromising on their lifestyle and security needs, Cavetto offers a great opportunity for you to participate in the imminent explosion of growth that India is bracing up for. Kolkata for long has been one of the most stable and reliable real estate markets in the country and has never seen the volatility and liquidity issues that other more famous markets have been famously associated with. With political stability at the Center and implementation of business friendly policies by the government, the real estate sector in Kolkata is geared to generate super normal returns for smart investors. With its prime location and superior construction quality, Cavetto is a perfect instrument that will allow you to capitalize on the forces that seem imminent to propel the market skywards.

We at Arrjavv take sincerity to be the defining value of our enterprise and strive tirelessly to ensure that the buying experience of our partners is pleasant and transparent. Our commitment to ensuring an honest transaction and sincerity to serve our customers has led us to be recognized as one of the foremost real estate developers in Kolkata with a stellar reputation for quality.

Thus your needs foremost in our hearts, we cordially invite you to be a part of these limited edition luxury apartments and hope that you will allow us to provide you with a transparent buying experience and a profitable investment opportunity.

Harsh Jain
Managing Director