Modern Complexes: Safe Haven for Senior Citizens

The changing scenario of the country has resulted in sprouting nuclear families. Amidst this, significant concern has risen over the safety and security of elderly members and the children of their families. Upcoming residences provide numerous facilities for emerging nuclear families, children and senior citizens. However, it is essential to delve deep into the thought of how senior citizens can be kept safe in residential areas, given that they require special care and emotional support.

Most nuclear families have working members who stay out of home for a greater span of the day. This calls for some special attention to be paid to the children’s security and the elderly who are left back at home. Emerging day care facilities for children keep them safe, but it is not the same for the senior citizens.

A pertinent question crops up when a thought is given to the matter – are modern complexes better for the safety and security of senior citizens? When you weigh your options before investing in a permanent home, you shall find a plethora of factors that agree to how modern complexes are indeed given an edge to be purchased for the elderly.

Independent residences are no longer safe for senior citizens

Isolation and a lack of strengthened security in independent houses can prove to be life-threatening and dangerous for the older members as they might have to spend an extended duration alone at home. Here is a host of reasons why:

Lack of dependable support

Given that older people are unable to support themselves emotionally and physically renders them helpless at some point. Being placed in an independent household might divorce them from possible help from the neighbourhood in case of emergencies. There is no guarantee of receiving the support they might seek.

Lack of security

Not every independent household is equipped with CCTV cameras and guards to provide confidence and security to them. This makes the residents insecure and vulnerable as they are exposed to plausible threats.

Hard to maintain

Repairs, renovation and daily maintenance, becomes expensive and difficult unless the right labour is found. Following up on the maintenance turns out to be an extra hassle, especially without a supporting member.

A safer space in apartment complexes

The emergence and development of modern complexes have changed the scenario for senior citizens. The provision of facilities and amenities proves to be helpful for them, so it becomes a preferable option.

Enhanced security

The facilities include 24×7 CCTV surveillance outside the main gate and in the corridors. This drastically reduces crime rates against the elderly – who are prone to it for being physically meek.

Access to easy help

Familiarity becomes a boon in disguise!

Modern complexes develop into communities and increase socialisation among the neighbours. It opens up avenues for families to seek help when required. 

Luxury and comfort

Modern developers are paying special heed to enhance the luxurious facilities available in apartment complexes for old age demands relaxation and a healthier lifestyle. Gardens, parks, and a clubhouse provide a sense of respite to the otherwise lonely senior members.

Arrjavv: For enhanced security!

Compromising with safety is never an option!

Arrjavv brings you a host of facilities and amenities that suit the needs of senior residents and provide top-notch development for modern home buyers. Prime locations, select luxurious facilities, and high standards for construction cater to the primary needs of home-owners looking for a sound and secure neighbourhood for the senior members of their family. Arrjavv provides a plethora of residential projects to choose from for a better living and a secure future.

The Group has created its own mettle with regard to this segment of society in this competitive market with an unmatched ability to scout for locations and foster them in a way to create a lifelong advantage for the home buyers. This vibrant developer takes pride in upholding its meticulous standards, constant innovation, one-of-a-kind architecture, modern technologies and engineering wonders.

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