Our Team and Partners

The team at Arrjavv is a blend of industry veterans, dynamic project managers and talented technicians. We are motivated by a zeal to conceive and execute projects that push the horizons. We pride ourselves on our ability for seamless execution that helps deliver projects of exceptional quality on time. The team is well balanced with the presence of experts in all areas encompassing real development. From experienced purchase managers who have an unnatural ability to procure the highest quality construction materials from all over the country to seasoned site managers whose supervision and work ethic ensures quality structures and timely delivery, from creative site developers whose ideas reshape the entire locality to savvy finance professionals, from brilliant marketers to helpful customer service associates we represent the crème de la crème of real estate professionals in the city and we assure you that your dreams are in very safe and capable hands.

Architects: Shri J.P. Agrawal is an eminent architect and one of Kolkata’s best. His dream is to work on futuristic designs which can stand the test of time, sustaining the needs and dreams of the future generation. His vision is of gifting open aesthetic spaces which nestle tranquility and peace of mind.

Structural Engineer: Shri Sanjiv Parekh is the founder of S.P.A. Consultants in 1987. The firm provides consultancy services in the field of Structural Engineering for various types of projects in Industrial, Commercial and Residential categories. The variety and magnitude of various projects handled by them in a span of 20 years is indicative of their dedicated and innovative design approach based on contemporary and available technologies.

Legal: Shri R.L. Gaggar: Solicitors and Advocate
Shri B.K. Jain: Solicitors and Advocate