Put Up a Retro Glam with Patterned Wallpapers

Planning for a mid century retro glam look for your residential flats in Baruipur? Look for the patterned wallpapers along with sleek furniture and organic light fixtures.   In fact, a mid-century retro look bears a  classic charm and puts up the ultimate glam to your living space. Wallpapers can lend your space a trendy yet timeless look. From optically illusive geometrics to colourful groovy curves, we have gathered couple of design ideas to make your living space visually attractive.

Striped Wallpaper: Striped wallpapers are quite popular as a design trend. While providing an instant retro touch to your modern  home,  a  striped wallpaper  is  practically a timeless charm. It creates a perfectly woven effect thus notching up an immaculately breathtaking appearance. You can also adorn the wallpaper decor with cut outs of Japanese silk-screened papers for a dramatic effect.

Floral Wallpaper:  To notch up old world charm, there’s no better match to a  floral wallpaper. Create a country vibe with antique floral wallpaper design, which will lend a statement aura to the overall decor of your living space. Floral wallpapers can also be custom-made and is flanked by antique sconces.

Golden Wall covering: It lends a luxe appeal almost instantly. For a mid-century romantic theme, a golden wall covering is all what you need. Complement the decor with exotic retro furniture, when you are incorporating a golden tinge on the otherwise bland walls.

Embossed Wallpaper: To the plain walls, embossed wallpapers add depth and create an interesting contrast. From the delicate and soft fabric inspired imprints to dramatic geometrics, varieties are available in large numbers. The most popular colours are cream, stone and taupe as they create a wonderful natural palette that effortlessly co-ordinate with most other accent and feature colours. What’s more! Embossed or textured wallpapers can also hide the wall defects: scratches, cracks and rough surface, thus creating a wonderful panorama. One can also paint the embossed wallpaper if required to complement the existing decor of his room.

Liquid Wallpapers: Consisting of cellulose and cotton fibres, liquid wallpapers are becoming popular among the homeowners looking to get a serene look forever. Liquid wallpapers are so versatile that they can be effortlessly used even in the rooms with uneven walls. They come with high level of clutch surface, thus offering a beautiful coverage on the defects and cracks on the wall surface.  In case you can’t repair your defective walls, cover it up with liquid wallpapers to put up an instant glam.  Liquid wallpapers make a great choice since it has a good thermal and sound insulation and they are non-toxic too.

As a home decor item, wallpapers offer plenty of designing flexibility.  Even for an apparently nondescript living space, wallpapers lend a wonder touch.  However, it’s important to choose the right kind of wallpapers for your home. With so many options, you are likely to get baffled but a smart choice can simply transform your home.

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