Read to Know How Indoor Plants Can Make Your Abode Livelier

As much as nature beautifies the outside, it can brighten up the interiors as well! Plants, of various types, can instantly brighten up a room. And the only thing they demand from the homeowners in return is a bit of love and regular care. So, if you are looking for a 2 BHK flat in Kolkata and thinking about ways to decorate your new space, adding a few indoor plants can create wonders! A few bonsai in the living room, some tiny Aloe Vera in the kitchen, and two or three spider plants at the entrance are all you need to make your abode look and feel livelier! And the best part is that you can buy various exotic indoor plants online as well as from your nearest nursery shops.

  • The Dining Space

Some bright natural indoor plants in the dining space can make a huge difference. Dining spaces are generally filled with big sized furniture and hence, you must keep some big sized plants in this particular room. Place them at the corners carefully and make sure that these pots don’t interfere with the movement of people across the room. Also, proper sunshine must enter the spot in order to keep the plants alive.

  • The Kitchen

The kitchen is mostly the dull spot in a house and in order to put some life in this room, a few indoor plants can help! You can choose from herb plants or other exotic plants and keep them on the counters above. You can even keep them on the window pane. These will instantly lift up the mood of the otherwise dull kitchen!

  • The Bedroom

Natural green is soothing to our eyes and when you include them in your bedroom, it will calm your senses after a busy day at work! Try placing a small pot of a shrub at the bedside table and see how quickly it adds energy to the space. This plant can work as an instant refresher and will surely liven up the whole ambience. You can even match the plant pot with the upholsteries of your room. This will make your bedroom look synchronised.

However, a withered and dead plant inside a house looks depressing. So, you must ensure that you take good care of your indoor plants. You need to water them properly and let them flourish well in the sunlight often. Only when you will take care of these tiny lives, they will provide your home with a fresh feel. So, go ahead and include these in your new home!

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