Significance of the South-west Direction while buying your Dream Home

Home buyers today are well-sensitized about the benefits derived from living in Vaastu-compliant houses. Vaastu, of course, is a traditional Indian system of architecture dealing with the interplay of various forces of nature involving the five basic elements, namely earth, water, wind, fire and air. All these elements harmonize to strike the correct equilibrium in our lives. Unifying the basic concepts of science, art, astrology and astronomy, the diverse energies emanating as part of this mystic science is critical to the equity and well-being of our homes. No wonder then that all developers of repute like Arrjavv always go an extra mile to ensure all their properties are fully Vaastu-compliant.

Are you conscious about the south-west direction?

For any home, a critical direction, according to the tenets of this ancient science, is the south-west corner. This direction is guided by a demon called Niriti and its corresponding planet is Rahu. In fact, it is considered to be the most important direction for any plot as it stores magnetic energy flowing in from the north-east. Proper usage of this direction can lead to good health, wealth, fame and confidence. 

Some of the Vaastu-tips related to this corner include:

  • The south-west is the best direction for the master bedroom. Denoting the earth element, it signifies heaviness which leads to stability. Translating to dominant and leadership attributes, it will facilitate solidity to the head of the family in all aspects of life and help him take good decisions vis-a-vis his personal and professional matters.
  • At the same time, it is best to avoid any house which has a door in the south-west direction. The “entry of the demon” will lead to struggles and misfortunes. In case your house has an entry from the south-west, remedial measures include placing a SwastikTrishulOm symbol and a Vaastu pyramid on either side of the door to negate the negative energies.
  • It is prudent to store cash and valuables in this corner of the house. Not only will it give you financial security, it is also expected to ensure a steady inflow of wealth.
  • The south-west should ideally be slightly higher than the other directions. Key areas like the kitchen should not be built in this direction since it is said to burn and destroy the positive energies that are stored in this part of the house.
  • Building underground tanks in the south-west direction is also a strict no-no since it can lead to delays concerning all aspects of life.
  • Ensure the south-west wall develops no cracks as this might lead to health issues. In the long run, this could obviously lead to financial implications.

Being a top-of-the-line developer, the exquisite selection of residential projects in prime locations by Arrjavv are all built keeping in mind the tenets of Vaastu-Shastra. After all, we believe in providing the very best to all our buyers and take pride in our ideal mix of architectural ingenuity, design, infrastructure, world-class amenities, locational advantage and the trusted Arrjavv branding attached to it.

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