Smart Tips to Buy an Apartment

Are you planning to invest in a house in the near future? Then here we are to help you with the smart tips to maximise your benefits on buying a new apartment. It has been observed that after a hibernation which lasted for almost five years, the potential homebuyers have started planning to go shopping again. As per a few surveys, approximately more than 60% buyers are planning to buy residential properties within a year or so. Many potential homebuyers have realised that it would always be a good decision to buy a property when prices are in control and haven’t risen too much.

Other than the above points, every homebuyer must remember that as buying a home is one of the biggest investments and requires immense sacrifices, they should be very careful about their steps. Trust me, as a homebuyer, it will completely be your responsibility to run several checks before buying a house, say, if you are buying a premium apartment in Kolkata.  We all know that most middle-class people in our country dream of owning a house as investing in real estate is rewarding. In that case, the homebuyers must be ready with the pros and cons of the process and accordingly deal with them.

For example, if you are planning to buy a luxury apartment in South Kolkata, then do take a note of all these as follows:

Check Credentials

When you are taking an apartment, do check the tenure of the land on which the residential project is being developed. Ask for the land allotment letter. Check whether the project has legal approvals or not. Find out about the developer and his work from a thorough market research. Do check the approvals of the floor plans, building plans, structural safety certificates, commencement certificates, etc.

Written Agreement

Always go for a written agreement with your developer. Make sure that the agreement mentions about the specifications of the house you are buying along with the terms and conditions, which includes time of delivery, payment plan, construction deadline and so on. Do not forget to check the hidden costs as well.

Use Bank for Checking

Remember to take bank loan when you are buying a new flat. This would be the best course of action because a bank does all the checking right from the credentials of the apartment to the credentials of the builders. Another important thing, even if you have adequate money to pay as raw cash, then also take a small amount of bank loan for safety, because it saves you from getting forged.


Monitor the structural specifications of the project. Supervise the progress of the development through your frequent visits.

Area of the Apartment

As a homebuyer, it is your sole responsibility to check the area of the flat you are booking. Check the charges of the super built-up area and the carpet area before you book your new apartment.

Hope, this above-mentioned discussion will help you buy a new apartment without any hassle.

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