Smart Ways to Eliminate Negative Vibes from Your Home

Elimination of negative vibes reminds me of the “evil eye”, as heard from my grandmother. I, remember the times when she used to perform homemade tricks to get rid of these negative vibes from our home. We used to call it ‘grandma’s wisdom to fight all wickedness’. There were times when she used to tie a mascot or a prayer-fortified black thread after her prayers. Even I have seen both my grandmother and mother applying a black dot on my sister’s cheeks in order to ward off negative energy or what we used to call ‘Buri Nazar’ or ‘Drishti Dosh’. As per Hindu mythology, such negative energies have the power to ruin the prosperity and goodness of any individual. Of course, science does not find any logic behind this, but families and individuals do, as negative vibes exist.

Now the question is how to eliminate negative energies and forces from every home! As discussed before, there is no scientific proof for these, but of course, there are popular beliefs. So, this time, when I purchased a luxury apartment in South Kolkata, I made it a point to follow some tricks, which my grandmother used to practice. No! The tricks weren’t backdated at all, instead quite innovative. Here are some of those smart and interesting ways to deal with the negative vibes.

  • Burning incense stick or “Dhoop” in a house brings certain calmness and elevates positive energies. This has been a common sacred ritual followed by my grandmother and she believed this as one of the most common exercises to keep away negativity.
  • My grandmother used to be very disappointed if there were any dingy and closed room in her house. She used to open up all the closed doors and windows in order to dispel darkness and let air circulate, thereby, allowing sufficient lights in the rooms. I have also seen her appointing people to apply a coat of fresh paint, in white or yellow colour, in all rooms to make the entire house look bright.
  • She always advised us to keep away broken articles or objects and also rearrange the furniture in the rooms, which signified positivity all over.
  • In order to dispel negative vibes from the room, I used to see her sprinkle salt in all the room corners and even on carpets. When I queried on the action, she used to say, “Just sit for some time, maybe an hour and then vacuum or brush it away to find a difference in the entire day.” She believed that salt crystals have a natural ability to absorb negative force.

The above-mentioned tips are quite helpful and would help every homeowner to ward off negative forces from their homes, as I have started doing and would continue for my new luxury apartment in South Kolkata.

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