The Role of Vaastu in Buying a House

Haven’t you always desired to buy a new house that is a haven of peace, prosperity and happiness? If you have been assuming that a well painted building or a well done interior is responsible for all this, then you have guessed it wrong. Peace, prosperity and happiness are all positive energies that enter your home when you follow the guidelines of Vaastu correctly.  The positivity that Vaastu adds to your home will make you feel energised even when you return after a long day’s work.

Vaastu tips are quite trendy nowadays and following them while buying a new house can prove to be very helpful. Here are a few tips:

  • The Entrance of Your Home – In Vaastu the maximum importance is given to the entrance door because your home begins from there. North, east and northeast facing entrance doors ensure the natural flow of positive energy inside your home. Thankfully, Arrjavv keeps these parameters in mind when taking up any particular project. One more thing that merits attention is to keep mirrors away from the entrance as it is believed to reflect out the positive energy from your home.
  • The Shape of the Rooms – Circular shaped rooms are definitely classy and visually appealing but do not bring harmony and prosperity to its residents. Having square or rectangular shaped rooms are generally advised as this indicates safety as well as stability of the people residing. Circular shaped rooms might have a lot of visual appeal, but the priority of your home is stability and prosperity.
  • The Pattern of Airflow Inside Your Home – Everybody loves to have a spacious and airy apartment. Interestingly, this also has significance in Vaastu. Airy apartments indicate a free flow of good energy throughout the house. The central area of your home, therefore, needs to be clutter free with no walls to block the air passage to move across freely from one end to the other.
  • North East Extension – The North east corner of the house is supposed to the place of the Gods. Having the north east corner of the home extended is supposed to be very auspicious. Always keep this corner clean and clutter free.

Arrjavv ensures that all their projects have the north east corner extended. It is sure to bring peace and prosperity to the owner.

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