Three Basic Considerations for Your Office Space Location

If you are planning to set up an office, there are certain things you need to consider. And among all, location is the most important one. Also, deciding on where your office is going to be located is one of the first few steps you need to take. It’s a little tricky to choose the location of an office space. For instance, your employees are going to come from different areas of the city. So, whichever location you choose, it will be easily accessible for some while difficult for others. Similarly, if you buy an office space in the busiest areas, it will cost you a fortune. On the other hand, choosing one in a relatively less popular area will make you run the risk of being less accessible by clients. So, pros and cons will be many and they will keep changing too. Getting an office space in Kolkata requires you to have a careful planning. However, you can consider the following factors when it comes to selecting the office location.

Conveniently Accessed Via Public Transport

As already discussed, convenience is relative. However, make sure to choose a location that is accessible via public transport. It should be nearer to a metro station and a popular bus stop to say the least.

Parking Lot

Just as some of your staffs will come by public transport, others will commute by car.  In fact, many people today prefer travelling to their offices in private vehicles for the sake of saving time. So, your office location needs to have a parking lot. If your office is in one of the floors of a multi-storeyed building, the number of parking spaces available will vary. However, sort this out right at the beginning to avoid inconvenience later.

After Work Facilities

Getting your office in a desolate location will not only be problematic but also de-motivating for most of your employees. No matter how good the available facilities are inside the office, they may want to venture outside looking for restaurants or simple food joints. It is good to ensure that the office location is favourable enough for people who are going to spend so many hours there.

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