Top 3 Ways to Use Nooks & Corners for Space Saving

The major challenge I have faced so far as an interior designer is dealing with small space. It makes you compromise with your creative impulse and at the same time, if not designed properly the place looks crowded, which definitely tarnish the overall ambiance of your space. This is why, it’s always important to find various ways to use small spaces in such a way, that the decoration perfectly maximizes the room’s features.

While looking for such cool ideas over the internet, I came across a totally innovative idea. The article was talking about the nooks and corners which can be used for a variety of purposes. A proper usage of nooks not only helps in space saving, but also maximizes the beauty of your home, irrespective of its size. From enjoying solitude to creating a built-in storage space, nooks & crannies of your home can help in many different ways. If you’re trying to decide how to use a nook, consider these options when planning a home decoration.

1) Breakfast Nooks: This is my favorite place in my home. Breakfast nooks are the popular feature in a contemporary open kitchen model. This is normally placed by a window between a corner and cabinetry. It’s typically large enough for accommodating two people to enjoy a small meal or midnight snack together. In my 3 BHK flat at South Kolkata, which is actually spacious, the breakfast nook is quite an amazing place.  Though a petite space, at least in comparison to the rest of the house, this corner space serves up a cosy den where I enjoy mealtimes with my son.

2) The Passageway: This often makes a wonderful place for cosy retreat. It’s ideal to read a book or set up a work-at-home zone. Traditionally, such places were used as the closet, but nowadays it’s being widely used an additional living space. Many people also prefer using this place as a puja room. With an aesthetic arrangement of cushioned bench seating with built-in storage, you can make the best use of this place. However, do not forget to use optimum overhead lighting and shelving along the walls for creating additional space. You can also put up a desk along the short wall.

3) Attic: The corner windows in the attic can create extra room for storage, especially in homes where maximizing space is a priority. Converting your attic can instantly create a reading nook featuring a comfortable wooden couch, a leather ottoman or a storage bench. Nowadays, most of the flats come with a study room, but if you do not have one, you can easily get one with smart space arrangement.

You can also employ your creative impulse for designing the deck and the built-in cabinets.

Do you have some more ideas about using the nooks & corners of your home? Share your ideas with us here.

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