Real estate is a leading sector in India, being the second-highest employment generator, after the agriculture sector. It ranks amongst the 14 major sectors effecting economy. Globally, it is one of the most recognized sectors. The real estate sector is largely comprised of its subdivisions of housing, hospitality, retail and commercial spaces. In India, the market size will be US$ 1 trillion by 2030 from US$ 120 billion in 2017 and contribute 13% to the country’s GDP by 2025.

Boasting of such humungous figures, the real estate sector has witnessed a paradigm shift towards professionalism in Project Management. Innovation in technology and marketing strategies are evident to deliver efficiently and effectively to the consumer. The consumer is also now Brand conscious in the choice of real estate sellers. The bill passed by Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) in March 2016, to regulate state-wise real estate sector in India, has propelled this change. 

It then becomes important to buy a property from a reputed real estate developer. Investing in real estate is an expensive decision, and needs much trust.  Some Unique Selling Points to buy from a Reputed Real Estate Developer can be:

  1. Following of RERA Norms– A real estate developer has to be registered with RERA, which justifies authenticity. This is a primary checkpoint in choosing a builder while buying a property; so as to avoid any deviations in legislation supporting consumer rights.  
  • Timely Delivery of the Property– This is a primary responsibility of the builder, in terms of built-up area or carpet area. Reputed builders will ensure their obligatory norms in delivery for possession of the property and retain consumer confidence.
  • Easy Home Loan Sanctions– Reputed real estate developers have established a market trust, which facilitates a consumer to get a bank loan for investing in the real estate properties. The builder may also have a bank tie up for procuring loans at attractive interest rates. 
  • Getting a High Return on Investment (ROI) – Properties developed by reputed builders are normally in a premium location with a secure and upmarket neighbourhood, have good connectivity and modern amenities along with a successful brand promotion strategy; which may assure a higher ROI to the consumer in case of a plan to rent or sell the property.
  • Modern Amenities– A reputed developer can easily gauge the need of the homebuyer in terms of leisure and luxury. State of the art amenities offered can be green bodies, rainwater harvesting, solar power, e usage, ergonomic designs, branded quality fittings, proper parking space, 24/7 security, clubhouse, swimming pool, jogging track, yoga room, sports spaces, coffee outlets etc. The choice of amenities is an asset to the consumer, good value for money and assure customer retention.
  • Facility Management– A reputed real estate developer will include good security features in the project. CCTV surveillance, in-built smart home features with motion sensors, fire alarms, smoke detectors and apps as ‘MyGate’ will ensure some priority security to residents. Apart from security other facility features as utilities like pipe gas, electric supply with back up, access for the disabled people, broadband connectivity coupled with in-house services as plumber and electrician on call are some other features the reputed builder will offer, which makes living easy.
  • Good Quality of Construction– This is one of the biggest advantage of a reputed real estate developer. Building Infrastructure using a reputed construction Company, using good quality fittings as locks and bathroom fittings, branded and quality kitchen equipment are some of the features a consumer looks for while purchasing from a reputed builder.  A well-constructed building with long lasting strength and quality is a boon for the consumer, as investment in a good property is a big investment.
  • Knowledge and Experience of the developer– The reputed real estate developer already has a record of experience and performance, knowledge of the industry, success rate and referrals and testimonials from past projects. This established market repute is a great USP for a customer to decide a high investment as in a property.
  • Upgraded Marketing Strategy and Tools– Builders of repute employ an upgraded marketing strategy and tools using Digital Marketing for ease to the customer.  New age digital tools are used to attract potential buyers using Virtual Reality, Drone tours, 3- D images to give a near real experience to the consumer. Customisation ad Personalisation using digital tools are definitely advantageous to the buyer in making a decision.
  1. Efficient Customer Services– In the real estate industry, knowledgeable and efficient customer service human resources adds the final icing to a brand of reputation. Understanding the needs of the customer, deep knowledge of real estate, providing excellent practical advice and quality service satisfy a customer immensely.  


Investing in a property is a big and sometimes a one-time decision for life. Buying from a reputed builder instils confidence in a buyer to go ahead. Choosing a licensed builder who assures reliability, trust and market repute is indeed a boon. 

Whether you are considering buying a commercial property or a new home, Arrjavv, as a doyen in the world of real estate, ticks all the right boxes when it comes to meeting the needs of the modern buyer. The Group has created a niche for itself in Kolkata as well as its outskirts for creating top-notch homes and commercial spaces. It has earned a reputation for itself for standing out in a crowded market with an unmatched ability to select locations and develop them in a way that optimizes their geographical attributes. With skills acquired since the inception of the organized Indian real estate, the Group has pushed the envelope and consistently marvelled all its customers by gifting them with life-changing homes and smart commercial spaces.

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