Types of Material Ideal for Your Front Door

A front door plays an aesthetic role to perk up your entire house. It’s not merely a door, rather a decor element that lends your home an extra pizzazz. A functional yet beautiful decor element, a front door certainly demands a special attention and it starts with the choice of material to be used. From wood, fibreglass, solid glass and steel, there are plenty to choose from. But, opt for the one that suits with your interior’s decor theme.

“The design and material however depends on the personal taste of a homeowner”, says an expert designer who is recently working on a residential project in Baruipur. Let’s get an idea about the materials before you shop for your front door.


Wood is the most popular choice due to its durability and aesthetic features. It can be aptly customized according to your design & style requirements. You can always have shapes, sizes & style preferences, when it comes to a wooden door. It’s easy to personalize wooden doors by incorporating glass accents, wood engravings as well as LED lights. But, on the flip side, wooden doors demand a lot of maintenance. Especially during the monsoon, moisture develops in the wood causing loosened hinges and swelling doors. This often results in breaking down the door’s air-sealing capabilities. No wonder, exterior wooden doors demand maintenance ritual on a regular basis.

Solid Glass

Glass doors are also quite popular nowadays. Homeowners who prefer a bit minimalistic yet sophisticated decor can opt for this. If you are wondering that solid glass doors are transparent and can’t be an option for front door, you are highly mistaken. A wide variety of solid glass stuff is available nowadays. They are not transparent according to the conventional terms. You can invest on mirrored, tinted or toughened glass. Glass door lets in ample natural light to your space. Like the wooden stuff, glass door also demands highest level of maintenance. You can also mix and match your exterior glass door with other materials.


Those who are looking for the feel of a wooden door with a bit more durability can opt for a fibreglass entry door. Real estate developers are highly in favour of this item. In many residential complexes of South Kolkata, fibreglass is a staple material for entry and inner doors. Fiberglass doors can be thoroughly customised as per your needs & preferences. They can also be ordered in numerous hues or painted in any color of your choice. As noted, they are more durable than traditional wooden doors and generally stand up against small dents and nicks. Fiberglass entry doors also come with insulated core, which offers additional protection from various weather conditions. In terms of pricing, they are a bit expensive option from the wood.


Though not a too popular choice, steel doors are often preferred in some households. First of all, they offer top-notch safety from unlawful intrusion and burglary. Steel entry doors have insulated foam with a steel panel on either side. However, a high maintenance is required for steel doors, as they are hard to be repaired in case any part gets broken. In that case, you might need to replace the entire door.

And Finally

When it comes to entry door, several considerations come into play. There is a plethora of choice and you can narrow it down after a thorough consideration of your needs.

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