Useful Vastu Therapies for Your Premium Flat in Kolkata

Everyone wishes to bring lucky charms for their family in every possible way. Of course, to start with, home plays a very important role. When you buy an apartment say a premium flat in Kolkata, the first thing you must cover is correct the ‘Vaastu dosh’. If your sweet home is not Vaastu friendly, then there are obvious chances to face obstacles during your entire stay. You must agree with the fact that a home is not just a place to dwell in, but a place to worship as well.

Once an individual starts living in a home, he/she comes under the influence of a specific energy field. As per the traditional beliefs, the person or family living in that particular house starts getting influenced in some or the other ways. This is why, it is important to follow the useful Vastu therapies, thereby, making the house blessed. Vastu depends on different energies originating from the atmosphere. They are solar energy, lunar energy, cosmic energy, magnetic energy, wind energy, thermal energy and light energy.

The different areas of a house where Vastu therapies can be applied are the Living room, Children’s Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, Kitchen, Pooja Room, Study Room, Entrance, Guest Room, Garage and so on. Discussed below are a few areas as follows:


  • Build and design your home as per the laws of science and nature. There are several directions to keep your bedroom out of negativity.
  • North Direction, governed by Deity ‘Kuber’ is the ideal point for young couples. This direction is also good for storing important papers, jewellery, cash and other valuables.
  • North East and South East Directions, governed by Deity ‘Shiva’ and Deity ‘Agni’ must not have any bedroom for certain reasons. North East is the space for the worship room and South East leads to regular quarrels between couples and also incurs excessive expenditure.
  • East Direction, governed by Deity ‘Indra and Surya’ is best for unmarried children.
  • West Direction, governed by Deity ‘Varun’ is ideal for students.
  • North West, governed by Deity ‘Vayu’ is ideal for all newlywed couples.

Living Room

  • As the living/drawing room is one of the important components of a home, it is vital to take due care of it. In fact, most of the time is spent in this room and lots of guests are entertained here.
  • The North West location belongs to the element of air and is considered ideal for your living room. The only thing, if you do not encourage get-togethers and late night parties, then this location is good.
  • The North East location is considered as a storehouse of positive energy, thereby, bestowing all users with mental peace and serenity.

The Northern location is considered to be the quadrant of health and wealth, thereby, drawing positive vibrations all through.


The kitchen is the place where all forms of energies prevail. As it is one of the important parts of a house, a few essential things must be considered.

The kitchen must be positioned in the South East direction as the element fire governs there. The North West direction is also another good alternative.

The kitchen must not be positioned in the North quadrant as it affects the health of female members.

So, to achieve newer heights for your home and family, seek proper Vastu advice for your premium apartment in Kolkata.

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