Ways to Add Zing to your Home Decor

Are you staying in one of the luxury flats? Are you looking for easy and quick home makeover ideas for your apartment? If you feel that both money and time have become your biggest concerns in terms of home decor, then check out the easiest tricks here below. You need not worry at all, as all these ideas are simple and you will find them easy to apply. The ideas will not only save your money but ample time as well.

Decorate Your Walls with Photos, Mirrors and Plates

Is there any blank wall in your living room? If yes, then it can be a suitable backdrop for a wonderful art piece. You can certainly make use of things that are lying around in your rooms. Use photos, glass/fibre plates or children’s artwork to design your wall. You can group together plates of different sizes and colours to make a remarkable piece of wall-art.

All these ideas will add to an instant face-lift of your rooms. However, ensure that you follow a particular theme and do not forget to organize the selected pieces before you start working with the hammer.

Change Your Cabinet and Door Knobs

Work on the old look of your rooms. Replace the plain old-fashioned knobs and handles with the new ones. Get quirky ones in shapes like hearts, animals, and other different fancy shapes. If you are not interested in buying new stuff, dress up the doorknobs with colourful and bright ribbons.

Move Your Existing Stuff Around

In order to give your home a new look, try to rearrange your belongings. Here are some ideas below:

To get a different look, you can add the long bench of your study room to your bed end. For a fancy touch, add a box full of greeting cards and old photos.

To get a new and fresh look, move all the scattered things on your table to a different place.

Try to rearrange all the furniture in your living room. Play around with the chairs, side tables and sofas to see where exactly they fit well.

Arrange your bookshelf as per the size and colour of your books.
Hope, the above home decorating tips will add zing to the look of your luxury flat in Kolkata.

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