Why should infrastructure development be environmentally-friendly?

Rapid urbanization has been responsible for changing the cityscape with the advent of towering skyscrapers and ultra-luxury housing complexes. However, the trend today indicates the well-travelled modern home buyers are looking for more, beyond the confines of quality and luxury. They are more inclined towards moving into properties that come with the tag of sustainability complimented by open space reserves (OSR), environmentally-friendly modern infrastructure, amenities and facilities.

The reasons for this are manifold. Green outdoor spaces have shrunk in urban areas. Hectic work schedules are spiking up stress levels. Add to this the congestion in traffic and increasing levels of pollution. These are reasons enough for new home owners to want to settle in an environment that will offer ample sustainable spaces and greenery to promote healthy living, overall cost savings and facilitate easing of the harmful stress levels!

Sustainability, in the real estate context, is not only limited to energy conservation but also includes the use of resources, impact on the surrounding environment and living conditions for the inhabitants. Urban parks and green patches play a pivotal role in maintaining the much-needed ecological balance. As the perfect antidote to the urban pollution, they thrive as expansive oxygen providers. They also enhance physical activity and are imperative for maintaining healthy life balances. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has earmarked this much sought-after greenery as an effective remedy for treating mild depression and reduction of psychological stress. In addition, home buyers today are far more aware of the environmental impact of their homes and have thus started to embrace practices like recycling, temperature control mechanisms, efficient landscaping, prudent usage of water and installation of energy-efficient lights/appliances.

In keeping with this fad, most reputed builders and developers are building their new projects with a keen eye on green spaces as well as sustainable and natural settings. Arrjavv, as one of the leading real estate developers in eastern India, is responsible for bringing about a paradigm shift in the industry through its superior standards of location selection, humane approach to development and high quality of construction. Not to mention, their special focus on greenery, sustainability and open space reserves in almost all their housing projects. A case-in-point is the condominium Sonar Kella located at Baruipur which is cradled in the lap of greenery. This housing project boasts of more than 60% open spaces, a landscaped garden and a natural lily pond at the centre of the complex.

Although the “go-green wave” is certainly on, the challenge that lies in front of real estate developers is to retrofit the existing buildings into reasonably environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient options. By 2025, the retrofitting potential of existing buildings is expected to become five-fold. Fast-eroding natural resources and an alarming rise in global warming levels demand a shift towards environmentally-friendly development.

It is thus the perfect time for you to walk into the living abode of your dreams. Enjoy your new life in proximity to nature and tranquil surroundings in any of the celebrated upscale and sustainable housing projects in the city.

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