Why should you get a Home Insurance Policy?

Like any other insurance in our lives, ‘home insurance’ today has attained great importance in the realm of real estate.  By definition, it refers to a ‘property insurance covering a private residence which can include losses occurring to one’s home, its contents, loss of personal possessions of the inhabitants as well as accidents that may occur at the home or the hands of the homeowner’. Some of these policies even cover reconstruction costs, including charges to hire professionals such as architects, engineers, surveyors, etc.

Home insurances are valid for a specific period after which they will need to be renewed, to continue to enjoy the services. The premium amount for an old property is more than what it usually is for a newly-built one.

Home insurance is broken down into several branches: reputed companies offer various types of policies like Building Insurance, Content Insurance, Landlord’s Insurance, Personal Accident Cover, Public Liability Coverage and many others.

Benefits of having a comprehensive home insurance

Let us enumerate some of the major benefits that home insurance provides the property owners with:


A comprehensive home insurance policy saves the homeowner from emotional and financial distress in case of any damages arising out of any natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, lightning, etc. It also protects against man-made disasters like thefts, burglary or vandalism.


Unfortunately, the most common cause of home damage is a fire that can wreak havoc with human lives and property. The causes are manifold ranging from short-circuiting to human negligence. Most home insurances offer extensive coverage against damages caused by an outbreak of fire.


All of us spend a lot of money as well as effort to decorate and equip our homes in the best possible ways. A home insurance policy not only covers external damages to the house but also protects the valuable articles and internal contents of your home. These include coverage for valuables like jewellery, furniture, electrical gadgets and much more.


Owing to unfortunate incidents, houses often undergo severe damage which merits renovation and rebuilding. During the rebuilding phase, the homeowner usually has to rent out another accommodation, which adds to the financial burden. A good insurance policy will cover this rent amount as well, which works out to be hugely advantageous in such a situation.


Considering the above, it thus becomes highly imperative to invest in a comprehensive home insurance policy to take a smarter step towards a more responsible and secured life. Not only do you insure yourself and your family, but it is also critical for your peace of mind and protection against any unforeseen situations!

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